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Transforming backup: HPE StoreOnce customers go on the record

A new survey from TechValidate gives a powerful voice to HPE StoreOnce customers. Hear in customers' own words how they are transforming hybrid cloud data protection with StoreOnce.

TechValidate draft eCardv2.1_400x267.pngHPE transformed the simplicity, performance, and agility of hybrid cloud data protection with the announcement of the HPE StoreOnce next-generation backup appliance platform. HPE StoreOnce next generation provides a built-for-cloud data protection platform that can scale from small remote offices to the largest enterprises and service providers.   

A recent HPE StoreOnce customer survey conducted by TechValidate, on behalf of HPE, aims to better understand how StoreOnce is helping our customers reduce cost, risk, and complexity with flash-speed protection in the data centre, as well as low-cost archive and disaster recovery in the cloud. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across all industries and geographies, we’ve heard real-world stories about how customers are putting StoreOnce to work to deliver end-to-end data protection as they evolve to hybrid cloud.

Welcome to #TechValidateTuesdays

The feedback we’ve received has provided great insight into our customers’ world. My two-part blog series, publishing this Tuesday and next Tuesday, will provide a sampling from hundreds of StoreOnce customer testimonials and recommendations, enabling you to hear the true voice of our StoreOnce customers. And it will hopefully prove useful if and when you’re trying to decide which solution to choose when upgrading your data protection infrastructure. Follow along these social channels too to learn more about why our customers are choosing HPE StoreOnce: @HPE_Storage and HPE Data Storage on LinkedIn.

What were the top data protection challenges that customers faced prior to implementing HPE StoreOnce?

As the value and business-criticality of data increases, the challenges of protecting data are tougher than ever. According to the StoreOnce customer survey, topping the list of specific problems were performance issues, exploding data growth and copy data sprawl, demanding service-level requirements, and an evolving threat and compliance landscape.

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Which HPE StoreOnce capabilities do customers value the most?

  • Deliver on service-level agreements (SLAs): HPE StoreOnce helps you break the backup window with up to 3X[i] faster performance and industry-leading backup speeds of up to 288 TB/hour[ii]. Direct backup from your HPE Primera, HPE 3PAR or HPE Nimble Storage array to HPE StoreOnce with HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) delivers 23x[iii] faster backup and 15x[iv] faster recovery for your enterprise apps. This backup comes with less cost and complexity, as well as having minimal impact on your production environment. StoreOnce Catalyst software enables source side, low bandwidth deduplication which enhances backup performance yet further by only sending unique data from the backup server or client to the StoreOnce system. This means accelerated performance and deduplication efficiency with 95% less network utilization for enterprise applications such as SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL, and leading backup ISVs such as Commvault, MicroFocus Data ProtectorVeritas,and Veeam

The survey revealed that 94% of responding StoreOnce customers rated StoreOnce’s faster backup and restore performance and efficient network utilization as a valuable capability. 82% of surveyed customers saw a reduction in backup time by 26-50% or more after using HPE StoreOnce. And 78% of surveyed customers saw a reduction in recovery time by 26-50% or more after using HPE StoreOnce.

HPE StoreOnce TechValidate 2.pngHPE StoreOnce TechValidate 3.png

HPE StoreOnce TechValidate 4.png

According to the report 91% of surveyed StoreOnce customers rate encrypted backups, data integrity checks, fast restores and high availability storage as a valuable capability. And 82% of surveyed customer saw an increase in system availability by 26-50% or more after using HPE StoreOnce.

HPE StoreOnce TechValidate 5.png

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  • Take control of data growth: A scalable portfolio of physical and software-defined HPE StoreOnce backup appliances provides you with up to 10x[vi] more capacity with a wide range of pay-as-you-grow capacity points and up to 104 PB[vii] in a single system. HPE StoreOnce makes every gigabyte of your storage go further with intelligent deduplication that reduces your backup costs and footprint by up to 95%[viii] on-premises and in the cloud.

According to the survey 90% of respondents rated HPE StoreOnce’s pay as you grow scalable capacity and intelligent deduplication storage efficiency as a valuable capability. 89% of surveyed customers saw a reduction in backup storage capacity required (due to deduplication) by 26-50% or more after using HPE StoreOnce.

HPE StoreOnce TechValidate 7.pngHPE StoreOnce TechValidate 8.png

  • Reduce complexity: HPE StoreOnce takes the time and stress out of data protection, reducing management time by 95%[ix] with multisystem and multisite visibility and management—from a single pane of glass. 89% of surveyed StoreOnce customers rated StoreOnce’s multi-system management from a single pane of glass as a valuable feature.

HPE StoreOnce TechValidate 9.png

  • Experience agile software-defined protection for virtual and cloud environments: HPE StoreOnce VSA extends the deployment options for StoreOnce with the agility and flexibility of a virtual appliance, removing the need to install dedicated data protection hardware. All the features of the purpose-built HPE StoreOnce systems are available in a software-defined backup target of up to 500 TB usable capacity, which can be configured in 1TB increments. An HPE StoreOnce VSA license server simplifies license management for large or dynamic VSA deployments. 84% of surveyed StoreOnce customers rated agile software defined protection with easy to deploy, scalable, flexible StoreOnce VSA as a valuable feature.

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  • Protect your data your way: HPE StoreOnce delivers investment protection and helps eliminate lock-in with a choice of physical or software-defined deployment, flexible-as-a-service consumption, and provides broad and deep integration across a rich ecosystem of market-leading ISV partners. 82% of surveyed StoreOnce customers rated StoreOnce’s best of breed ISV integration system as a valuable capability.

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  • Self-service data protection: HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-ins are designed for direct backup of business applications to HPE StoreOnce, enabling optimized protection for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA databases. This empowers your application owners with self-service protection, enabling them to easily and efficiently control end-to-end protection for their applications—from the data centre to the cloud—using familiar native user interfaces. 80% of surveyed StoreOnce customers rated self-service data protection for DBAs as a valuable feature.

HPE StoreOnce TechValidate 12.png

  • Gain consumption-based backup on-premises: Pay-per-use consumption models and Flex Capacity planning strategies with HPE GreenLake backup are now enhanced with next-generation HPE StoreOnce. Benefit from the advantages of the on-premises cloud with a usage-based billing model that aligns and grows with your business needs. Experience trouble-free data protection with a complete backup solution that is designed, operated, and implemented by HPE Pointnext. 79% of surveyed StoreOnce customers rated StoreOnce Backup as a service with consumption backup as a service on/off premises as a valuable capability

HPE StoreOnce TechValidate 13.png

  • Help optimize cloud investment: HPE StoreOnce with HPE Cloud Bank Storage delivers simple, efficient, and reliable backup to the cloud. It lets you seamlessly cloud-enable your storage, backup, and enterprise apps, as well as natively integrate your choice of cloud service provider without the need for a separate gateway or virtual appliance. You can reduce the time, cost, and network bandwidth for your cloud storage by 20X[x] with highly efficient deduplicated data transfer as well as store encrypted, self-describing backup data for simple cloud disaster recovery.

69% of surveyed StoreOnce customers rated StoreOnce’s native cloud integration and ability to backup only unique data to the cloud as a valuable capability. 75% of surveyed customers saw a reduction in cloud storage costs for backup (due to deduplication) by 26-50% or more after using HPE StoreOnce.

HPE StoreOnce TechValidate 14.png

HPE StoreOnce TechValidate 15.png

Bottom line

These TechValidate research findings provide a wealth of “quantatitive” statistical proof points for how StoreOnce simplifies operations, delivers on SLAs and protects data your way - letting you easily and efficiently leverage the economics and agility of the cloud for archive or disaster recovery, while continuing to use your on-premises infrastructure for fast and reliable operational recovery.

In part 2 of the blog series will we spotlight some “qualitative” HPE StoreOnce testimonials and case studies from the survey that show—in our customer’s own words—how HPE StoreOnce is making a real difference to their day-to-day lives.

Thank you to all our customers that participated in our survey. Your opinions matter to our business.

Find out more

And find out where you are today, and where HPE StoreOnce can take you tomorrow, with a free data protection assessment from HPE.

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Source notes:

[i] HPE StoreOnce VSA 4.x vs. HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.x

[ii] HA federated 8-node system using HPE StoreOnce VSA

[iii] Based on HPE testing comparison between HPE RMC and traditional backup environments

[iv] Based on HPE testing comparison between HPE RMC and traditional backup environments

[v] The 3-2-1 data protection best practice prescribes that you have three copies of your data, on two different media types, with one copy kept off-site

[vi] HPE StoreOnce VSA 4.x vs. HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.x

[vii] Assuming 20:1 deduplication of protected data on local and cloud storage

[viii] Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 as compared to a fully hydrated backup

[ix] Based on management of federation of 20 next-generation HPE StoreOnce appliances compared to management of 20 HPE StoreOnce Gen3 appliances independently (on cloud or on-premises)

[x] Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 as compared to a fully hydrated backup

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