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Transforming your ownership experience with Timeless Storage HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage

With Timeless Storage for HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage, you get an all-flash ownership experience that stays simple over time.

Video_Timeless Storage for HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage_Blog_442732000.jpgNo business today can afford to just stand still. This is why I often hear from organizations that their storage infrastructure has to handle today’s needs, but has be ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges, as well. 

This is why storage investments have to deliver painlessly into the future.

When I talk to organizations they often bring up these unpleasant “surprises” that come with storage: unplanned downtime, forklift upgrades, a price for every feature, and marketing claims that don’t follow through. This is why we’ve made it easy for you to switch to a radically simpler storage experience without the headaches. Our objective is to deliver an experience that stays simple over time.

With Timeless Storage for HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage, you get an all-flash ownership experience that protects you from disruptive forklift upgrades down the road.

  • All-inclusive software:  Get access to our operating system features and enhancements, so you can say goodbye to per-feature pricing.
  • No forklift upgrades:  Forget costly and disruptive platform rip-and-replace and bring predictability to your storage costs.
  • Controller upgrade flexibility:  Get a non-disruptive storage technology refresh every three years without hidden costs.
  • Flat support pricing:  Brings operational ease, more predictability, and greater peace of mind to our customers.
  • Data availability guarantees:  Get the peace of mind you need with no special contracts and no restrictive terms.
  • Data reduction guaranteed:  Store more data per terabyte of capacity. Get more for less with better overall efficiency

Product Manager sits down in our studio to talk Timeless Storage

Ahmad Siddiqui, HPE Storage Product Manager, recently sat down at HPE headquarters to discuss Timeless Storage. 

Take a look at Ahmad’s video, and you’ll see how we’re transforming storage ownership:


(YouTube link: )

  • 0:25-1:05:  Overview of intelligent data platform
  • 1:06-1:32:  Customer need for Timeless Storage
  • 1:33-2:22:  How we take away the complexities and hardships
  • 2:23-2:56:  Technology refresh options
  • 2:57-4:48:  Customer success story
  • 4:49-6:41:  Benefits of Timeless Storage
  • 6:42-7:35:  How we stepped up to the challenge of Timeless Storage
  • 7:36-7:45:  Our confidence in Timeless Storage

Be sure to visit the Timeless Storage webpage  to learn more.

Jenna 2018.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger, Jenna Colleran. Jenna is a Storage Product Marketing Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise focused on HPE Primera. 

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