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Two more HPE InfoSight demos


HPE InfoSight demo blog.jpgAfter publishing a couple of HPE InfoSight demos, the InfoSight Product Manager reached out to me with a few demos he was working on. I love publishing demos because I learn from them but I can tell by the views they get on YouTube that you like this type of video too.

So I have two new InfoSight demos to share with you. A big thank you to Karthik  Krishnaswamy, Senior Product Manager for InfoSight for these. Karthik says that he has plans for more so subscribe to my YouTube HPEStorageGuy vBlogs playlist to be sure you’re the first to know about the latest!

A dashboard view

The first one I’ll share today is looking at the InfoSight Operational Dashboard. The Operation Dashboard is an "exception-based" view of your arrays including information about performance, capacity, VMs, systems, and more.

Troubleshooting latency

In this HPE InfoSight demo, Karthik shows us how to troubleshoot a storage latency issue.

Recapping the other demos

Let me recap the other demos and give you links to them:

As I said in another post, if there's something you'd like to see a demo of or a topic that you'd like covered on ATSB, either leave a comment, send me a Tweet, or email me (see below for my Twitter and email address). 

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