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Unleashing the power of data: Nine key questions your organization needs to answer

It can be hard to know where to start your transformation to becoming a data-driven organization. The Dummies Guide to Unleashing the Power of Your Data asks – and helps you answer – nine key questions, all essential on your transformational journey.

IDP Dummies Guide_blog.pngHave you ever gone to the grocery store, on an empty stomach, without a shopping list? It can be easy to load up on random items – based primarily on your appetite – only to forget the fundamentals. Then, after you get home and everything is unpacked, you realize you don’t have the ingredients for a healthy meal. Think of how different things would be if you had a defined list from the start that took into account both your current and future needs.

It’s not that different with your data and your infrastructure.

An intelligent data strategy drives success

Data is at the heart of everything you do. The companies creating the greatest disruption in their industries are the ones that use data in unique and innovative ways. But it’s unlikely they got to where they are today, using data to accelerate and transform their business, through a piecemeal approach. They likely had a clear strategy and platform that they could rely on to move them ahead.

How does your organization compare? Do you have a clear strategy matched with the right data platform to help you unleash the power of power of your data? This is one of the many questions you need to consider, but it’s not the only one.

It may be clear that data is the lifeblood of your organization, yet it can be overwhelming thinking of where to start. Every enterprise is at a different stage of transformation. While some are just getting started and others are further along in their journey, all have one thing in common: the need for a strategy and platform that can be counted on to propel business forward, one that will help you get the value and agility of your data.

Questions that can help unleash the full potential of your data

Whether you want to eliminate disruptions and guesswork so you can focus more on areas that drive innovation, become more data driven, or free your data for hybrid cloud, the best place to start is with an assessment of where you are today.

This newly published Dummies Guide can get you started. Focused on “Unleashing the Power of Your Data,” it asks – and can help you answer – nine key questions – all essential on your transformational journey:

  • Do you have a data strategy? Not just any strategy, but an intelligent data strategy.
  • What elements make up an intelligent data strategy?
  • What makes up an Intelligent Data Platform?
  • Is your infrastructure able to predict and prevent problems before they occur?
  • Is your data residing on infrastructure that’s designed to be high-performing and available?
  • Do you have a data protection strategy?
  • Can you achieve data agility while enabling hybrid cloud?
  • Are you getting the most value from your data?
  • Are you optimizing the cost of storing that data at each step of the lifecycle?

To aid you as you set up and hone your strategy, the Dummies Guide to Unleashing the Power of Your Data covers the role of an intelligent data strategy, and how your business and IT can be transformed with an intelligent data platform at the heart of this strategy. It explores the importance of data, examines the elements that make up an intelligent data strategy, uncovers real world use cases, and provides tips you can use as you transform in a way that’s data-driven.

Wherever you are on that journey, you can find insights to help you be successful.

Download the Dummies Guide to Unleashing the Power of Your Data.

Andy headshot.jpegAndy DeBernardis, HPE Worldwide Storage Portfolio Marketing Manager, leads the Intelligent Data Platform messaging, strategy, campaign, and content development. Andy has been with HPE for 15 years covering worldwide roles including hybrid cloud and software-defined solutions marketing, cloud sales enablement, software partner marketing, and vertical solutions marketing.

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