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Unstructured data is a treasure trove. Make it part of your data strategy.

Outdated IT systems prevent businesses from accessing and extracting value from fast-accumulating stores of unstructured data. A new ESG report underscores the ways HPE Apollo 4000 Systems can change all that.

The ancient theatre and Temple of Apollo at DelphiThe ancient theatre and Temple of Apollo at DelphiEverywhere you look, digital demand is up, up, up. That’s because data is more critical to business than ever before, and data stores are growing. According to ESG[1], in 2017 only 9% of businesses predicted data growth in their data centers at a rate of more than 50% annually. In 2020 the number had nearly tripled, with 25% of businesses predicting that rate. It’s a change that reflects the importance of data, and it amounts to a ginormous quantity of bits and bytes, especially when you consider that many HPE customers are already storing and managing multiple petabytes of unstructured data. That plethora of data should make every IT organization a hub of business information and innovation.

So why is it that only 6% of executives surveyed by ESG say that their IT organization functions as a competitive differentiator for the business? It comes down to data access and analysis. If outdated IT systems are preventing workers from finding and extracting insights from fast-accumulating stores of data, your business will have a tough time realizing value from it.

HPE Apollo 4000 Systems can change all that.

Purpose-built for unstructured data and big data analytics, HPE Apollo 4000 Systems are designed to store and provide access to files and objects at a massive scale. Its architecture is flexible enough to run every modern data-driven app, with rock-solid security built in so your data and systems are always protected. The density- and capacity-optimized architecture makes IT more efficient and resilient. And the ability to access and analyze data can make your business more competitive, while helping you deliver a better customer experience.

Read the latest ESG report to discover the bigger truth about this scale-out file and object storage system, and to learn from the digital transformation projects that COVID-19 has cranked into overdrive. You’ll also find out what investments IT organizations intend to make and why. These include:

  • The top five objectives for digital transformation
  • The top five applications expected to fuel data growth
  • The top challenges with modern unstructured data

Digital transformation is difficult work, but according to organizations that undertake it, the benefits far outweigh the effort.

For more information about how HPE can help you transform your IT infrastructure, visit

ESG Whitepaper: HPE Apollo 4000 Systems – How HPE Can Help You Unlock Value from Unstructured Data

[1] ESG Master Survey Results, 2017-2020

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