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Unstructured data is key to business advantage. Here’s how to unlock it.

Enterprises today are focused on accelerating and innovating with vast amounts of new data — particularly unstructured data. Doing so demands fast, intelligent, and reliable data infrastructure.

Unstructured_data_blog2_shutterstock_1820093804.pngIn the proverbial blink of an eye, the rise of data has changed the game for enterprises. Data is now a strategic asset with the power to transform not just business models but entire industries. To survive and thrive, organizations need to store, serve, analyze, manage, and extract value from vast new troves of data, much of it unstructured. This presents significant technical and organizational challenges, but in the new era of data there’s no turning back. Businesses must quickly develop their data-driven use cases and deploy the data infrastructure that will — now, or in the very near future — be critical to their success.

In this context, IT organizations are looking for simple, streamlined storage solutions that are capable of handling the full diversity of an organization’s unstructured data needs. Such solutions must be high-density and high-bandwidth; they must deliver flexible configurations and end-to-end security; and they should integrate AI-driven intelligence from top to bottom.

HPE helps customers meet all their unstructured data challenges with the HPE Apollo 4000 family of intelligent data storage servers. From deeper data lakes and archives, to demanding analytics and AI/ML, to data-intensive hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and cache-intensive workloads — the HPE Apollo 4000 series provides high-performance, cost-effective solutions. Most recently, the addition of the HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Plus expands existing HPE Apollo 4000 capabilities with more data capacity, more data throughput, and more data processing power.

 In a recent article for, Sandeep Singh, VP of HPE Storage Marketing, explored the outlook and optimal strategies for organizations trying to meet today’s unstructured data challenges. Read the full article here: Hidden in Plain Sight – The key to finding insights in unstructured data

And - please check out the latest addition to the HPE Apollo 4000 series here: HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Plus intelligent data storage server.


Matt headshot_resized.jpgMatt Miller leads Solutions Marketing for the HPE Storage business, covering such areas as file and object storage, scale-out storage, virtualization and containers, and cloud-native technologies. Connect with Matt on LinkedIn.  You can also find him on Twitter @Matt_Miller22 .

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