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VMware vVols running on HPE Primera demo


In this blog post, I have a demo of VMware vVols with HPE Primera. I'll also give you a bit of information about how to connect with HPE at VMworld that is happening this week. 

I've been a big fan of VMware vVols. VMware announced it in 2011 as a tech preview. The goal was to simplify storage management of VMware environments through storage policy based management and to make it easier to manage a datastore at a VM level. 

HPE bought into vVols in a big way - probably more than any other vendor, including EMC who at the time owned VMware. VMware used 3PAR as the development platform for vVols and HPE had day 1 support for vVols when VMware launched it in vSphere 6.0.  There were sessions at VMworld over the years and HPE had a seat at the table in every panel discussion that included VMware's major partners. 

In 2017, there was almost no mention of vVols at VMworld from VMware (though HPE had a session giving an update) which had some of us wondering what was up but VMware refocused their efforts in 2018. In 2019, VMware showed a tech preview of SRM with vVols that included HPE. If anything was holding vVols back, it was lack of support for SRM. 

The last time I saw data earlier this year, HPE Storage had more arrays running vVols than all other vendors combined! Wow. I think it speaks to HPE's unflinching commitment to vVols. 

So to catch you up, today I have a demo showing the basics of vVols with HPE Primera. What you'll see in the demo is getting HPE Primera ready to run vVols with the VASA provider certificate through creating the vVols storage container. From there, I'll show creating a vVol datastore, a VM, and doing a few snapshots. 

Here's the demo

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VMworld 2020 this week

VMworld starts this week (September 29 - October 1) and of course is a virutal event. VMworld is one of my favorite HPE at VMworld 2017.jpgevents because there are so many people in the VMware community that are friends and it's my chance to catch up with them. I'm definitely disappointed that won't be happening this year but VMworld must go on and so it does. HPE is again a big sponsor of the event. I want to point you to a few blog posts where you can get more details on how HPE is participating in VMworld 2020. 

Here's to 2021 being a year we get back to VMworld as a physical event!

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