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Veeam and HPE Partnership Delivers Data Protection Innovation


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Together, Veeam and HPE have teamed up to offer unique capabilities by integrating features directly with HPE primary and secondary storage. The resulting integration of Veeam Software with HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE StoreVirtual and HPE StoreOnce provides comprehensive data and application availability and monitoring.

A brief bit of history on Veeam and HPE storage

Veeam and HPE started our integration partnership back in 2011 with the first technical whitepaper on leveraging HPE StoreOnce as a backup target repository, and then, as you can see below, the front-end storage integration with storage snapshots were introduced to lower recovery point objectives.

Veeam timelineJ.jpg

The continued partnership led to Veeam Software’s integration with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst to enhance performance between the two products. Prior to version 9, Veeam worked with StoreOnce over traditional NAS protocols, which meant that all deduplication was done on StoreOnce as the data lands. While cost effective, this approach limits both backup and restore performances and leads to longer backup windows than when using StoreOnce Catalyst based backup repositories. The Catalyst additionally enables source-side deduplication for high performance low bandwidth backup to reduce backup windows. Furthermore, Catalyst can rapidly synthesize existing full and incremental backups to make new virtual synthetic full backups which are more efficient than the Active Full backups used with NAS-based backup repositories.

What’s new with StoreOnce 3.15.1?

HPE StoreOnce offers improvements on multiple existing features:

  • Low latency for random read (to enable Veeam IVMR support)
  • Faster single thread throughput
  • Less CPU utilization for Source Side deduplication
  • Real time control on open data streams to avoid error messages
  • Improved load balancing among multiple Veeam Proxy/Gateway

The latest StoreOnce software upgrade has enabled the ability to support Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery, SureBackup and On-Demand Sandbox features – with all of this from an in-line deduplication storage device. This means that customers can not only still benefit from the deduplication to reduce storage costs, but also all the Veeam vPower NFS features. Instant VM Recovery and SureBackup allow for a faster data recovery explained below and automated testing of your backup sets.

Put your backup data to use

Rather than letting your backup data sit there in an idle state, it would be great to put it to work along with the storage investment this data resides on. Leverage your backups to mitigate the risks associated with application deployment and configuration changes by spinning up those backup files to your hypervisor, powering on and configuring selected machines in an isolated network to run a test against an application group without touching that valuable production environment.


 Trust your backups when it comes to restoring data

As well as being able to spin up an isolated Ondemand Sandbox for testing and development of a certain application group, Veeam also offers the ability to test those backups and replicas in an automated fashion to confirm that those backups will be good if the time comes to restore data. This process, achieved on both the primary site or using replicas at the secondary site (SureReplica) will automate the test against the VM, OS and App and then send your backup administrator a verification report.

Picture3.pngBoost your backup/restore performance

The latest software update for StoreOnce offers great performance improvements, not only for backups, but also on restores which is crucial when you need to restart your services as soon as possible Below you will see some of the comparisons that we have seen in the lab.

Instant VM Recovery

Single Virtual machine running from StoreOnce Catalyst Backup Repository

Veeam Table1J.jpg

 7 Virtual Machines running from StoreOnce Catalyst Backup Repository

Veeam Table2J.jpg

According to the table above, we can expect to see up to 5x performance improvement from the previous version with the latest software release, based on testing that was carried out on both software versions.

In comparison, we also tested against an iSCSI SAN to show the improved performance on Instant VM Recovery when it comes to something we generally see our customers using for primary backup storage.




HPE StoreOnce handled the Random Read IO better than the iSCSI SAN in terms of latency. Although you can see the ISCSI SAN enabled shorter boot times for the VMs. The iSCSI SAN provides no storage compaction like the StoreOnce appliance so 10-to30 x more capacity may need to be deployed.

Kit specification

The tests above were performed using the HPE StoreOnce 4500 which has 12x7.2k SAS disks. The comparison was run against an iSCSI SAN that has 8x15k disks.

No compromise between fast restores of Veeam vPower NFS features and cost/space efficiencies of an in-line deduplication appliance.


A Veeam availability solution using HPE StoreOnce lowers operational expenses by offering a single SKU, prequalified and preinstalled – with no Veeam capacity licensing and no professional services are required for installation. The ability to store more for less by leveraging global deduplication storage solution against those backup files lowers capital expenses. On both fronts, a flexible modern architecture can be scaled as standalone or used for ROBO locations. Finally, providing rapid restores for critical data as well as single application item recovery eliminates complexity for your administrator.

Learn some more: Register to download the VAS & HPE StoreOnce Configuraiton Guide.




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Welcome Around the Storage Block guest blogger Michael Cade, Technical Evangelist, Veeam Software.  @michaelcade1





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