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Using Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift or Mesos? Persistent storage can help you containerize stateful applications. Learn about more recently released features for Kubernetes and OpenShift.

HPE containers_events 2018_blog.jpgAs we roll into the spring season for containers, Kubernetes has become a leading container orchestrator for the enterprise.1 Docker supports it as do all leading public clouds. Despite these ecosystem updates, many trends continue unchanged. For example, enterprise interest in containerizing existing applications continues.

And at last month’s AWS Summit San Francisco, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels claimed that we all have access to the same servers and algorithms. 

“What makes our businesses unique now is the data that we have, and the quality of the data and how we operate on that data. That makes the storage for our data increasingly important, because that is really where the pot of gold of your business sits.”2   – Werner Vogels

We couldn’t agree more.

It’s a paradox that containers weren’t designed to store data, but most people agree that’s a good thing. Yet for those containerizing existing enterprise applications, it also means your container platform won’t be complete without great persistent storage to match.

That’s why HPE offers powerful persistent storage for all the leading container platforms. Here are some exciting capabilities from recent and upcoming releases. Thanks to our rich container integration, all can be controlled right from Kubernetes, Mesos and Docker.

HPE are making huge strides in the different communities supporting containers in the Enterprise. We recently joined the Red Hat OpenShift Primed program and became part of the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation’s landscape with a truly cloud-native storage platform.

Look for us at an upcoming show near you.

Visit the HPE booth and we’ll show you how to:

If you’re not attending the above events, watch this recent BrightTalk webinar for an overview of advanced data services we provide:

Stateful Containers BrightTalk webinar.jpgStateful containers for DevOps and Beyond 

Speakers: Michael Mattsson, Containers Technical Marketing Engineer & Stacey Gilmore, Container Solutions Marketing




Stacey Gilmore HPE Storage.jpeg

 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Stacey Gilmore, Containers Solutions Marketing. A former HPE DevOps Engineer, Stacey is surprised and delighted to be back where she first began her career: at HPE.


1  These two vendors are most likely to bring Kubernetes containers to the enterprise

2. AWS SF Summit Keynote with Werner Vogels

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