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I've been back from Discover Madrid for a week and man, I'm missing Madrid and my friends and colleagues that were there. I had such a great time and am already looking forward to Discover Madrid next year! I took four Discover Madrid Transformation Zone.jpgyears of Spanish in high school and I have been in love with Spain ever since - thank you Señor Cierri! 

But enough about how much I enjoyed Madrid. As with every Discover, there are lots of videos that you can watch to catch up with things - more video than you have time to watch between now and the new year. So I'm going to share a few of the videos and give you links where you can browse to find what you want to watch. 

Official event videos

First I want to give you the storage spotlight session - this is basically the storage keynote from Discover. It's about an hour and you'll hear the strategy, news, and discussions with customers. 

This is one of the dozens of videos from the event. For example, you can watch the entire Discover keynote - all two hours of it that is a great summary of what is going on at HPE. There are several playlists of videos from Discover and I'll share those with you so you can find the videos you want to watch:

  • Discover Madrid Highlights - these are edited videos that are all about a minute long hitting the highlights. 
  • Transformation Zone Tours - experience the Transformation Zone in these videos. One of the videos is stopping at our HPE InfoSight booth and talking to product marketing manager David Wang. These are also short videos. 
  • Discover Spotlight Sessions - I already gave you the storage spotlight session but in this playlist, you can check out all of the spotlight sessions. 
  • Discover Innovation Sessions - these are about 30-minute sessions covering topics like Blockchain, Ethics of AI, the first teraFLOP in Space, 5G, and more. 
  • Discover General Session - this is a series of videos taking the keynote and breaking it down into smaller chunks. You can watch the pieces of the general session that interest you most. 

The Cube

We've had the Cube at every Discover event and Madrid was no different. The Cube did two days of videos.  You can find all of the Cube videos from Madrid on their website.  Here are a few of the highlights I'd point you to:

Jake Ludington, man on the street!

Jake is a video blogger and friend. I love hanging out with him at Discover events. I don't know how many videos Jake did in Madrid because I don't know if he's loaded them all yet but he generally does about 10-15 a day.  You can find the playlist of Jake's videos on YouTube on his Delighted Robot channel. I'll point you to a few of these videos (starting with the storage ones that I helped set up):

Blogger Coffee Talks

My friends Jeff Powers and Alastair Cooke hosted live video from our blogger coffee talks. These are sessions we do with the bloggers around the key Discover topics with both execs and technical experts. I don't see a playlist of Jeff's YouTube channel for these so I'll give you links to a few of them (storage first of course!). I hosted the HPE Storage coffee talk and kicked it off giving an overview of the news. It was a very active session with lots of questions from our guest bloggers/influencers. 

 Here is a link to the playlist of all the coffee talks. I also want to highlight some of the other coffee talks:

If you check Jeff's YouTube channel, all of the coffee talks are there, uploaded at the end of November. 

Lots of content that will help you really understand what's going on at HPE and almost like being in Madrid. Ok, it's not like being there but it is the next best thing!

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