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Did you miss the keynote and spotlight sessions from HPE Discover Madrid? No worries! In this post, I have videos so you can watch the keynote and spotlight sessions. HPE Discover_Live Streaming Video_Blog.jpg

Discover Madrid has come and gone, kind of. You can catch-up on everything you missed in this blog post. 

Catching up on the storage news

Before I share the keynote video and spotlight sessions, I wanted to recap how you can catch up on, let me recap the blog posts we have on our storage news. There are several posts I want to point you to:


For the keynote, I want to give you the video on the blog so you can easily watch it. The live stream had about 18:45 seconds of introductory interviews before the keyonte started. There's some good stuff there but since it is a two hour video, I'll start you off with HPE CEO Antonio Neri taking the stage. You can rewind to the beginning if you want to watch it all.

Spotlight sessions

Here are links to some of the key spotlight sessions. But before I give you the links, first here is the Intelligent Storage spotlight session. 

Here are links to most of the other Discover spotlight sessions. 

Here's a link to the playlist of all the Discover spotlight sessions as there are a few I didn't include. 

Thanks for watching. 

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