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What Makes HPE Nimble Storage Multicloud Flash Fabric So Special?



Flash technology makes storage fast, but doesn’t set storage free. HPE multicloud flash fabric frees storage so that application data can be seamlessly located anywhere—in the data center or in the cloud. 

Nimble Storage_multicloud flash storage_blog.jpgThe perfect world—and storage

In a perfect world, there's complete freedoman absence of restrictions. I wish it was so in everything I do, especially travel. For example, I hate customs and immigration checkpoints when I travel to Europe and Asia. For me, it’s a hassle and a big waste of time. The problem doesn’t end when returning home as I’m inconvenienced again for the sake of them trying to catch a few lawbreakers.

In the world of storage, mobility is also not perfect. For example, the average IT admin just wants the flexibility to locate data in the best possible placeand the ability to easily move it as needed. Across the data center. To the cloud. To a different data center for disaster recovery. After data is moved, it’s expected that apps accessing the data will just simply work.  Imagine if life could be this simple for IT! Unfortunately, IT typically has to work with multiple different solutions to satisfy multiple needs and data storage locations. This can make a simple data move into a sizeable task. 

HPE Nimble Storage multicloud flash fabric

MFF-graphic.pngFlash technology made storage faster, but it didn’t free storage from certain burdensome restrictions. That’s why HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays provide the multicloud flash fabric. It’s a platform that delivers freedom to the flash storage world so that application data can be located anywhere seamlesslywhether in the data center or in the cloud.

The platform includes three types of flash arrays (all-flash, hybrid-flash, secondary flash) and multicloud storage.

So what makes multicloud flash fabric so special?

The “secret” sauce is Common Data Services. It’s the same OS, features and functions across all-flash arrays, adaptive flash (hybrid) arrays, secondary flash arrays and HPE Cloud Volumes. This results in the following benefits:

  • Freedom of choice—You have the freedom to choose and easily place data on the most appropriate storage type (all-flash, hybrid-flash, secondary flash and the cloud) based on your needs (performance, app workload, cost, SLAs, etc.).
  • Transparent data mobility—Transparently move data sets between arrays in a cluster. For example, move data from hybrid-flash or all-flash without any application reconfiguration. Or, replicate between any class of storage. Backup from all-flash to secondary flash at a third the cost.
  • Easy on-ramp to the cloud—HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays are cloud ready. Natively replicate data from on-premises flash arrays to HPE Cloud Volumes and then access the same data from Amazon or Azure compute instances.
  • Radical simplicity—Manage each flash storage resource in the same way, or cluster together and manage as one. Whether all-flash, hybrid-flash, secondary flash or HPE Cloud Volumes.

The bottom line on multicloud flash fabric

The HPE multicloud flash fabric provides freedom—the freedom to easily keep your application data in the best possible place.

If an app is connected to hybrid storage and greater storage performance is needed: just seamlessly and transparently move the data to an all-flash array. It’s that simple.

If you choose cloud storage for cost, manageability or other reasons: just move the data to HPE Cloud Volumes and have your Amazon or Azure-powered app access the same data in the cloud. Simple. . . and it all “just works.”

Put simply, the HPE multicloud flash fabric is all about freedom—freedom to easily and transparently move app data to a more effective storage tier. No incompatibilities. No reconfiguration issues. No lost sleep.

Additionally, the fabric ensures an easy on-ramp to the cloud. Flash arrays purchased today are cloud-ready and prepped to deliver an easy transition to the cloud—when you are ready for the cloud.

Once again: what’s so special about the HPE multicloud flash fabric?

To sum up: It's freedom, mobility and simplicity. It’s the perfect world—or a huge step in that direction.


Andre Franklin_Nimble Storage.png

 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Andre Franklin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nimble Storage.

Andre has over 20 years of marketing experience in data storage that spans hard disk, flash, and hybrid storage technologies. He worked many years at Hewlett Packard as well as a few small storage companies developing advanced storage technologies and architectures. Having worked with many enterprise storage customers, Andre has learned the challenges facing enterprise storage deployments.








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