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What happens when data center challenges meet infrastructure innovation?

Despite being stuck in our home-offices, technology pros aren’t getting a break from new challenges. But what happens when IT challenges arise? IT teams can use an experienced and trustworthy partner to help overcome and innovate in a changing world.

What Happens.pngI recently had the opportunity to record a series of short videos that captured anecdotes of infrastructure-led innovation with Microsoft storage solutions. These vignettes speak to today’s IT challenges: exponential data growth, the need to adopt new areas of expertise, rapid digitalization, and 24x7x365 online business.

The first video recounts what happens when one of the largest US financial services firms wants to run the newest version of Microsoft Exchange on top of the newest version of Windows Server – before there was guidance out on how best to do it at that kind of scale.  Another video covers the challenge of refreshing your application on-premises vs. moving to the cloud.  Turns out, maybe that’s a false choice.

Big Data sets off red alerts

Enterprises today need to become adept at capturing and capitalizing on data of all types – customer, product, operational, financial, and environmental. A third video shares what happens when you need to set up this type of Big Data environment fast. We’re seeing instances where customers need to move quickly to deploy a solution with new technologies including Containers and Kubernetes. And one of our first encounters was when we had to do it ourselves. 

In a related case, big data went from being just about crunching large data sets, to matters of life and death. The fourth video tells what happens when Big Data Clusters become Mission Critical.

One of the ‘gotchas’ of our business is that while we need to solve business problems fast, those same decisions create long term consequences. Sometime the easiest short-term fix can be the worst long-term decision.

Microsoft SQL Server Big Data Clusters demo at HPE Discover Virtual Experience – one of many HPE Storage solutions for Microsoft that let our customers innovate in a changing worldMicrosoft SQL Server Big Data Clusters demo at HPE Discover Virtual Experience – one of many HPE Storage solutions for Microsoft that let our customers innovate in a changing world

Obstruction is the mother of invention

The last clip is about what happens when someone is told they can’t do something. I’m sure that’s never happened to any of us <wink>. However it’s these obstacles that can foster some great innovation.

Whether you need to solve a challenge in hybrid computing, or just shave some cost from your budget, you should be able to engage with your IT partners to think through your current state, determine where you need to go, and plot a course on how to get there.

Get started

When IT challenges happen, enterprises around the world turn to Microsoft Storage Solutions from HPE to achieve extreme performance, high availability, and intelligent self-management of IT infrastructure.  Want to know what happens when a series of customer IT challenges are met with infrastructure-led innovation?  Click the above links to watch these very brief videos to find out. 

HPE Storage solutions for Microsoft include Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Windows hybrid cloud infrastructure, and Azure Stack HCI to name a few. Learn more at:

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