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What our customers love about HPE Primera: New! Video series

Our customers love HPE Primera, for a number of compelling reasons. Check out this new video series, featuring HPE Primera Product Manager Andrew Murphy, who shares what excites our customers.

What our customers love about HPE Primera_Blog_shutterstock_87089177.jpgIt’s been really exciting for us at HPE to hear about the many ways our customers from all over the world are redefining what’s possible for their mission-critical workloads with HPE Primera.  There are so many takeaways– from the 100% Availability Guarantee, to the services-centric OS, to Timeless Storage. 

Andrew Murphy, Product Manager for HPE Primera, recently sat down at HPE headquarters to share some insights into his conversations with customers, and we wanted to share them with you.  In no particular order, here are the highlights from our customers:

HPE InfoSight is changing the way our customer manage their storage because it’s now embedded in HPE Primera, creating an end-to-end AI pipeline for self-managing storage. Over the past 10 years, we’ve collected over 1250 trillion data points to predict and prevent issues from storage, to compute and networking.

This is a first of its kind guarantee, offering our customers 100% uptime, or we’ll provide real dollars to make it right. If this was just marketing, everyone would be doing it. We don’t make claims without confidence behind it.

It’s like smartphone simplicity for your storage. Unlike monolithic OS that creates upgrade risk and requires node reboots, HPE Primera can deploy, upgrade, and restart data services independently of each other.

Organizations are telling us that they want to get out of the infrastructure business and become the service provider to that business. The tight integration between HPE Primera and HPE Synergy really gives our customers an operational advantage.

We give our customers the ability to consolidate multiple applications and legacy arrays onto a single platform without jeopardizing the user experience.

The profile and expectations of our customers are changing.  They’re trusting us to protect their investment, deliver a great experience, and put some skin in the game to ensure they’re successful.

Andrew defines mission critical as when “lives and dimes are on the line.” When any changes occur, in performance or application downtime, for example, and you’re getting a phone call from your C-level executive, that’s mission critical. HPE Primera was designed for your mission critical applications because your data is available 100% of the time, with a simplified UX, and 100% serviceable by our customers. That means you won’t face any disruptions to your HPE Primera system when updates or enhancements are made.

What’s great about working on HPE Primera

I’m in complete agreement with Andrew on this one.  Working on HPE Primera is really rewarding – we’re motivated to truly delight our customers, because it’s okay to love your storage.

Take a look at Andrew’s video, and we think you will love HPE Primera too.

Be sure to visit the HPE Primera webpage  to learn more and share the video. We also encourage you to check out the other videos in this series!




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