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When you want more: Announcing new HPE LTO-8 Tape and new HPE StoreEver Tape Solutions



HPE LTO-8 tape annc_blog.jpgDouble your archive storage capacity with new HPE LTO-8 tape technology and store up to 30TB per single tape cartridge.

In today’s data demanding environment everyone wants more. Whether it’s more storage capacity, more performance, more security, or even more data protected in less data center floor space. With the introduction of new HPE LTO-8 tape technology, you get more of all these benefits when using new 30TB LTO-8 tape cartridges with HPE Tape Storage Solutions integrated into your Hybrid IT storage ecosystem[1].

More capacity 

RW cartridge plus case.jpgHPE just announced our new HPE LTO-8 tape technology which offers double the tape cartridge capacity over the previous LTO-7 generation—which means you can now store up to 30TB per single data cartridge when compressed[1] (12TB native). In a continuing effort to push these innovation and capacity growth boundaries of LTO tape technology going forward, the latest LTO-8 specifications as laid out by the LTO Program, are intended to be only backwards compatible with LTO-7 cartridges. This technology transition enables the LTO tape format to remain the most affordable data protection choice to businesses of all sizes, with storage costs as little as $0.007 p/GB.[2]

More data in less data center footprint for the HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale Tape Libraries with LTO-8

The increase in LTO-8 cartridge capacity enables our HPE T950 tape library to hold up to 300.6PB of compressed data[1], while the HPE TFinity ExaScale is now capable of storing up to 1.6EB of compressed data[1], using 50 percent fewer LTO-7 tapes within the same data center footprint!

Both of these enterprise tape library offerings supporting LTO-8 full height drives also benefit from a 20 percent increase in transfer rate speeds from 300MB/s to 360MB/s. Together, the 2x cartridge capacity increase and a 20 percent performance increase make for a powerful combination for large enterprises and companies protecting workloads in HPC environments.

More media assurance with HPE

Aside from the capacity increase with LTO-8, HPE tests all of our media to extremes to achieve the unique HPE Brand Specification for LTO Ultrium Media. Not to mention its additional Green Tape Testing (GTT), which adds a unique point of differentiation amongst competitors. This specialized test supports the ever increasing number of customers using brand new cartridges for each and every backup and restore operation and archival activity.

GTT is important since newer media is typically more abrasive than cartridges that have been used and applications that use high quantities of green tape will affect tape performance differently than those used repeatedly. Key metrics such as capacity and transfer rates are monitored throughout the tests to ensure constant performance.

Since 2016, HPE is proud to share that over 6,700 cartridges have been used for GTT, almost 700 million metres have been pulled in GTT and over 40 million GBs have been written meaning you can be confident that when you add the HPE brand specification for LTO media, the gold standard for media reliability you can see why HPE LTO-8 tape gives your Hybrid IT strategy a strong backbone for the future. GTT metrics.pngTo find out more about our HPE LTO media and testing, visit

More flexibility with new HPE StoreEver MSL3040 Tape Library

As part of our HPE StoreEver portoflio, we also just announced our new scalable HPE StoreEver MSL3040 tape library with LTO-6 and LTO-7 drive support. With its modular design, the HPE StoreEver MSL3040 provides small-to-midsized organizations with ultimate flexibility and storage capacity of up to 4.08PB with LTO-7 drives and media[3] for complete data protection and secure, long-term retention of business assets.tape portfolio.png

Updated HPE Tape Portfolio now bigger and better than ever before

Protect more data and applications with HPE tape technology

With a complete storage portfolio to support your Hybrid IT setup, HPE understands better than anyone that tape provides businesses of all sizes the ultimate last line of defence for your data protection. For many years, tape was often criticized for being “dead,” but here at HPE we think it’s very much alive! We’re witnessing a resurgence in its use, whether its long-term retention of files and assets for compliance, cold data archives for record collection prior to big data analysis, or for ultimate protection against the rise in recent ransomware attacks, we really think there are very few technologies that offer a more compelling storage solution for protecting your most valuable assets than offline storage on HPE tape.

It’s true when we say tape’s value proposition is as relevant today as it's ever been.tape value prop.pngExplore the full range of HPE StoreEver tape products in our HPE Data Protection and Retention portfolio.

To find out more about our recent storage announcements, check out this blog:  New HPE Storage Platforms expand HPC archive offerings

[1] Using 2.5:1 compression with LTO-8 drives and media (12TB Native)
[2] Assumes 2.5:1 compression ratio for the life of the cartridge. Based on current audit of LTO-7 pricing (Mar’17) at $115.55 per 15TB.
[3] Using 2.5:1 compression with LTO-7 drives and media


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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Sarah Clews, DCIG WW Product Marketing Manager, HPE Storage.




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When does HP plan on releasing the LTO8 drives?  I have a quote from Quantum in the LTO8 formfactor, but would like to compare it to a HP product.



@rickthemc - this blog post where you left your comment was our post announcing it. I don't know the availability date but I'm guessing you should be able to get a quote now. 

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@moslem rasae, Feel free to ask questions here!