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Why companies are moving VMware VVols to the cloud

Learn how HPE Cloud Volumes and VVols bring you cloud mobility plus enteprise storage reliability.

HPE Cloud Volumes_VVols_blog.jpgWhy move to the cloud at all? There was a lot of buzz from a recent Google Cloud Next event, and the consensus was the cloud is the place to be. And as you'd expect, these top clouds—AWS, Azure and Google—are all targeting the 90% of the enterprise workloads still running in company data centers.

Where HPE Cloud Volumes and VVols figure into the cloud equation

HPE Cloud Volumes is HPE’s cloud-based block storage offering which has been intriguing the market since its launch in 2017. More specifically, it’s a multi-cloud elastic storage service that brings unique enterprise‑grade capabilities to the current web-scale (but sometimes less reliable) storage-as-a-service market. HPE Cloud Volumes lets you  move volumes to the cloud to achieve the benefits of cloud, while maintaining the familiarity of your enterprise storage. 


VMware Virtual Volumes, or VVols for short, is an integration and management framework that provides VM-granular control and protection on block storage devices.  HPE has made a big investment in VVols for both our HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage families, contributing to the leading integration with vSphere environments.

When you are using VVols to manage your VM storage, along with all the other granular policy-based control you prefer, you can also easily direct VM data to the cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes. Together, it’s a fast and easy on ramp to the cloud for VMs, offering the mobility and economics of cloud while still retaining enterprise-grade data services, security and availability. 

Here's a short demo video showing VVols and HPE Cloud Volumes working together. 

More on HPE Cloud Volumes and VVols

This recently published write-up shows you the reasons to move your VVols to the cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes. It’s now online, so give it a read to learn more.

I've had a few people ask about HPE Cloud Volumes availability outside of the U.S. Currently, HPE Cloud Volumes is only available in the U.S. If and when that changes, we'll certainly talk about it on ATSB. 

Here are a couple more VVols focused videos that you might find helpful to watch:

  • I did a presentation giving a VVols overview at the Milan, Italy VMware UserCon in late 2015. I think this is a really good introduction to VVols. 
  • At VMworld 2017, Pete Flecha from VMware came to the HPE booth to talk about VVols and the integration HPE Storage has with it. This is also a really good discussion if you don't have an understanding of VVols with HPE Nimble Storage and 3PAR. 

Notes on VMworld

I've been a big fan of VMware VVols dating back to when VMware first started talking about it in 2013. Last year at VMworld, it seemed to me that VMware didn't talk about it. I think we'll hear a lot about VVols at VMworld in Las Vegas at the end of August. If you're coming to VMworld, HPE will be hard to miss. We are a Global Platinum sponsor. Our booth is at the front of the Expo Hall, Booth #1300. You'll find a couple of articles on our Alliances blog that give all the details on what we have going at VMworld.

We'll have a vExpert bar in our booth where you can talk to one of the vExperts. I'll be hanging out there and so will my colleague Eric Siebert. Come see us if you're going to VMworld.

We'll also be hosting vExpert and blogger briefings on Monday and Tuesday. Here's a blog post I have with those details and with links to RSVP. 

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