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Why you should consider the business value of HP StoreEver Tape Storage


Simon.jpegBy Simon Watkins, Worldwide Tape Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage


Today, I’d like to share with you two recently published analyst reports that deliver powerful proof points for strong ongoing demand for tape:

  • A research paper from ESG reported that more than half (56%) of tape-using respondents surveyed anticipate increasing their organization’s use of tape technology for long term data retention, with an additional 26% anticipating they would be maintaining their existing tape footprint for archive. 
  • Santa Clara Consulting Group’s latest update to its Worldwide Tape Media Tracker reports that more data is being stored on tape media than ever before with a capacity shipped growth of 24% year on year in Q1 2014.  

So why does tape remain so popular for data protection in general and archive in particular?

The answer lies in the on-going business value of the technology. Tape has made great technological strides over the last decade – from a performance, capacity, reliability and usability perspective. But while feeds and speeds are important, the executive boards of most companies care more about how technology can lower costs, reduce risk and improve productivity in their organisation. It is in this business context that tape continues to be viewed as important and relevant.


Containing costs

Tape continues to offer one of the lowest costs per Terabyte for any type of storage, particularly when factoring in energy and footprint costs. A recent analyst total cost of ownership comparison of an LTO tape library and a disk array concluded that over a nine-year period, disk storage is 26x the average TCO of tape. The cost of energy alone for the average disk-based solution exceeded the entire TCO for the average tape-based solution. 




Reducing risk

The overriding customer-defined metric for a successful backup or archive is whether the data can be restored or retrieved when needed. The HP StoreEver LTO tape portfolio of drives, libraries and media employs a number of features to help provide high data integrity and that includes:

  • Read-after-write verification to help ensure the data has been written accurately
  • Servo tracking mechanisms to provide precision head and tape alignment, up to 250,000 mean time between failure hours for drives
  • Advanced media formulations that can allow up to a 30-year shelf life or more

HP StoreEver Tape Libraries also deliver a range of reliability and availability benefits including hardware redundancy, path failover, proactive health monitoring software and data archive verification software.  In addition lightweight, rugged and encryptable tape cartridges are easily and securely transported off site. This means that data on tape can be held offline safe from the threats to on-line data from viruses, hackers and cyber-attacks.


Improving productivity

With the pace of data growth continuing to accelerate, businesses require a fast and easy way to expand and manage their data protection and retention infrastructure. Tape is effortlessly scalable. Adding capacity is simply a case of adding additional tape cartridges to a tape drive or tape library. With a product portfolio that spans from tape media through standalone tape drives to tape libraries that accommodate more than 75 PB in a single system, HP StoreEver Tape Storage delivers virtually limitless capacity.


And Linear Tape File System (LTFS) provides a self-describing file system on a LTO-5 or LTO-6 cartridge, which makes tape as simple to access, use and share as a removable USB flash drive as well as reducing software dependencies for the use of tape for long-term archives.


Magnify.jpgMoving ahead

HP StoreEver will continue to innovate across the key storage vectors of capacity, performance reliability, security and usability. But it’s the business value that these technical enhancements enable which will drive StoreEver tape’s ongoing relevance with customers. And it’s clear that a comprehensive approach to data protection that spans software, disk and tape can save you time, money and reduce risk. 


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