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XP7 Always On Disaster Recovery with Online Data Migration


CJZ Headshot fixed 150 x 150.jpgBy Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy  vExpert 4 years.jpg


Earlier today, I introduced you to the XP7. In this blog post I want to share with you another ChalkTalk that explains some very cool multi-array virtualization functionality that we call XP7 Always On Disaster Recovery with Online Data Migration. 

I'll let the ChalkTalk do the explaining but there's a short back story here.  I was talking to Karen our worldwide product manager for the XP7 on Monday.  Actually, it was late Monday afternoon.  She talked me through how we can keep a Disaster Recovery Solution working before, during, and after an online data migration. 

She gave me details on how it works and I decided it would make a cool ChalkTalk. So I set off to do that ChalkTalk yesterday and I think it does a really good job of explaining what this is and how it works.  Now a couple things I want to tell you (and this will make more sense after you watch the ChalkTalk):

  • I'm showing you one use case of doing the Online Data Migration - of migrating your production environment to a new XP7.  In fact, you could also migrate the DR site XP array as well.
  • What I show in the ChalkTalk is what we think will be the most common Online Data Migration, but wanted to be clear is just one example. 

It's getting very late (it's almost Thursday) so here's the ChalkTalk.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The ChalkTalk is no longer available but you can find all of our ChalkTalks on YouTube. Find all XP7 related blog posts on ATSB here

You can learn more about the new XP7 on this link (updated to

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