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You love your flash storage. Now protect it!


 Shetty.jpgBy Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage   @ashwinkshetty


Here in the storage industry, we’re living in interesting times! This past week saw a major acquisition being announced on Monday. The implications of such a huge acquisition for Dell and EMC, their employees and, most importantly, their customers will unfurl over the next few months.


No topic seems to stir up more interesting discussions than flash storage. Flash is changing the way businesses are looking at data storage.  HP 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash Storage is for the kind of extreme performance, agility and efficiency needed in massively consolidated environments at cloud/ITaaS hosting providers. Now HP has delivered these same benefits to mainstream midrange and enterprise customers with:

  • All-flash at the same cost as HDDs – $1.50 per usable GB via inline deduplication
  • Industry-leading scale and density to satisfy growth requirements in less physical space
  • Multi-tenant design to achieve 99.9999% data availability and assure Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Native federation for a 4-way elastic resource pool with one-step load balancing.

Without a doubt, this is all great but...


What about data protection?

Protect your flash.jpgNo matter how flashy the flash storage offers are, it still needs to be resilient and scalable. It’s critical to remember no flash solution is complete without including simple and cost-effective data protection, non-intrusive backup and fast, efficient recovery. To deliver the comprehensive data protection that business-critical applications require, 3PAR StoreServ leverages HP StoreOnce as a second line of defense. StoreOnce protects applications running on 3PAR against file loss or application corruption beyond the oldest snapshot. StoreOnce also protect applications against storage platform outage.


But is this affordable? Okay hold your breath: at 5 cents per GB of usable capacity (with a deduplication ratio of 20:1) the StoreOnce solution is the most affordable data protection solution for your business applications.


Beyond 5 cents/GB

The 5 cents/GB is only a part of the story. If we look at the overall picture HP StoreOnce has been confirmed to be one of the most comprehensive enterprise data protection platforms in the industry with a broad range of options, a single architecture from virtualized environment to high end and easy to use platform. So let’s look at how you future proof your investment in data protection when you adopt a 3PAR StoreServ array


Optimized Data protection for all-flash data center

Flash class data protection solution with StoreOnce solutions delivers a set of robust features that allows you to extend the performance of your flash storage environment including

  • High availability
  • Data encryption
  • Non-intrusive application consistent backups
  • Capacity to handle thousands of concurrent backup streams
  • Concurrent mix of Ethernet and FC networking protocols
  • Virtual appliance capability
  • Scale-up and scale-out capacity from few TBs to petabyte scale
  • Federated Deduplication for flexible deployment options
  • Hypervisor integration with VMware (run directly from your hypervisor)
  • Programmable interface (REST API SDK) to enable plug-ins that support your application/database of choice

StoreOnce solutions helps you to get more from your 3PAR StoreServ Flash Array by allowing you to offload snapshot data to cost effective, backup storage which can be a physical or virtual appliance. This helps you to free up capacity of your flash array, and lets you retain more snapshots for a longer period, enabling more frequent recovery point objective and reduced risks of data loss.


Meet performance objectives

You expect the performance benefits of flash to be extended to backup and recovery. StoreOnce solutions provide the necessary technologies to meet the most demanding RTO and RPO requirements

  • Snapshot technology that creates application-consistent, point in time backups that eliminate the need for backup windows
  • Differential technology that assures only changed blocks are sent to backup
  • Federated Deduplication technology that reduces your backup storage requirement by as much as 20 times, enabling more granularity while using fewer resources
  • Express Protect copy technology that stores different snapshots as synthetic full backups, making application recovery faster

StoreOnce solutions allow the data to bypass your application and media servers and goes directly to your backup storage and this helps to reduce the impact of backup on your applications that supports the performance goals of your 3PAR StoreServ deployment. It also means that less bandwidth is needed to move the data, which means more bandwidth for your applications. Bypassing the media server and associated software also means greater simplicity and lower cost. Integration with leading software solutions, including mainstream business infrastructure applications and backup solutions, simplifies management and gives your application owners greater control.


Application recovery with StoreOnce Systems is incredibly fast. Unlike traditional backup software that changes the format of the backed-up data, snapshot-based backups keep the disk-based format, dramatically changing the concept of recovery. Data simply needs to be moved from backup to primary storage where it can be mounted and used immediately, reducing RTOs to seconds or minutes.


You see? 5 Cents/GB is only a part of the story because StoreOnce solutions help you to derive business value from your flash investment. It is critical to protect your 3PAR StoreServ data and StoreOnce Systems is the right solution for that.


DP PlaybookJ.jpg


Do you know what to look for when protecting your flash storage?

Download the Data Protection Playbook for All-Flash Storage


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