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You’re invited to a marriage made in heaven for virtualization of mission-critical applications


Vish.jpgBy Vish Mulchand, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, HP Storage


All-Flash 3PAR StoreServ 7450 + 3PAR Priority Optimization Software + and 3PAR Peer Persistence: a marriage made in heaven for virtualization of mission-critical applications


Yes, here we are in June! For us here at HP, June means HP Discover that is happening next week in Las Vegas. But it’s also a prime time for weddings – which inspires me to talk about the perfect union of the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 All-flash Array, 3PAR Priority Optimization Software and 3PAR Peer Persistence—and what role this combination plays in the virtualizing of your mission-critical applications.


Breaking through the last hold out for server virtualization

Virtualizing mission-critical applications has been the last bastion in the virtual server revolution. Server virtualization was born at the end the client-server era in response to the “rabbit farm growth” of servers deployed for distributed applications. With OPEX spiraling out of control and budget pressure forcing CAPEX down, server virtualization allowed organizations to more efficiently utilize server resources.


So why when it comes to moving from physical to virtual servers, do mission-critical applications remain the last hold out?

3PAR1.jpgThere are several reasons for this both technical and non-technical. One of the key technical challenges is around storage. Getting storage right for virtual server environments has always been difficult and adding mission critical applications to the virtual server environment only make this problem even harder. Specifically storage needs to provide:

  • Performance to meet and assure service levels that mission-critical apps demand
  • Controls to assure deterministic I/O performance to overcome the I/O blender effect of server virtualization
  • Resilience at both the device level and at the data center level

Until now, it’s been difficult to find a storage solution that can address all these requirements. The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 All-flash Array changes all that—by bringing you rich data services that can help make the virtualization of mission-critical applications a reality. Here’s where the romance really takes hold.


Performance to assure service levelsPROVEN.jpg

Performance and mission critical applications go hand in hand of course. With 3PAR StoreServ 7450, not only can you achieve high level of I/Os per second (IOPS), you can also achieve low levels of latency that have a direct bearing on application response times. Application response times are crucial for meeting service levels. The chart below plots IOPs over latency. You can see that the array provides plenty of performance from an IOPs perspective. What is also interesting to note is the latency that gets delivered for each performance level. At 510K read IOPS, the array delivers a very respectable 378 microseconds of latency.


3PAR StoreServer7450 and 3PAR Priority Optimization Software

3PAR3.jpgThe all-flash 3PAR StoreServ 7450 delivers the performance to assure service levels. And HP 3PAR Priority Optimization Software provides the controls to maintain performance—even when your resources get overcommitted. With Priority Optimization, you can assign I/O per second (IOPs), bandwidth and latency for a specific tenant or application. This way you can ensure that the most critical applications get the resources that they need assigned and by placing limits on all other non-mission critical applications, you can ensure that the major applications get protected. Learn more with this HP 3PAR Priority Optimization technical white paper and this paper from DCIG on  Making ITaaS a Dynamic Reality Requires Giving Applications Only What They Deserve.



3PAR StoreServ 7450 Resilience and 3PAR Peer Persistence

The 3PAR StoreServ 7450 has several resiliency features that protect the array at both the local device level and at the data center level. At the local device level some examples include cage level resilience - a 3PAR array can survive an entire drive cage failing with a HA cage configuration. Persistence Cache mirrors cache across multiple controllers so that the system can gracefully recover from a controller failure. T10 DIF provides sophisticated data integrity checks. These are just a few examples. You can find more on the 7450 resilience capabilities in this technical white paper.


Combine the StoreServ 7450 and 3PAR Peer Persistence and VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, you get resilience at the data center level and certified for VMware virtualized environments. This creates the perfect remote resilience solution for virtualizing mission-critical applications. With Peer Persistence, two 3PAR StoreServ systems act as peers to each other, presenting a nearly continuous storage system to the host and servers connected to them and where failover and fail back are transparent. This delivers the kind of high availability needed to virtualize mission critical applications. No restarting of hosts required. With Peer Persistence, the hosts remain online serving their applications even when they switch to the disaster recovery (DR) site. The result? A much improved recovery time. Learn more in this technical white paper.




Virtualize mission-critical application with confidence

The combination of all-flash 3PAR StoreServ 7450, 3PAR Priority Optimization Software and 3PAR Peer Persistence uniquely brings an extremely performing and robust solution, that is eminently suitable to take on the last remaining bastion of physical server infrastructure, and virtualize that with confidence. Stars have aligned for the marriage, are you coming to the party.


To continue this conversation, feel free to contact me at:



3PAR5.jpgThe final countdown to HP Discover is on! If you can’t join us in Las Vegas next week (or even if you can), be sure and join us for a special June 10 webcast from Discover Las Vegas where a group of customers are coming together in a panel discussion. You can register by clicking here . See you next week, one way or another.



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