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"HPE StoreEver has saved my business thousands and increased our data security"

“HPE StoreEver has saved my business thousands and increased our data security.”

StoreEver-TechValidate_Blog_shutterstock_631709945.jpgIf you want an unbiased viewpoint on your product or service, the most authentic voice is always that of your customer. Or in this particular case, many customers.

A few months ago, HPE contracted for some market research as part of the independent TechValidate program, to find out what experiences our end users were having with HPE StoreEver tape, and how we could use that information to better understand and help them with their data protection challenges. The survey results were very positive. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, across all industries and geographies, we heard real-world stories about how customers are putting HPE StoreEver to work for their businesses.

When it comes to earning buyers’ trust, customers are a vendor’s best assets. Their words carry more credibility than any marketing or sales pitch.

Proven and reliable backup solution

The TechValidate survey revealed that StoreEver customers highly value the ability to simplify their data backup with a proven data protection solution that is reliable, easy to manage and cost effective.

I am sharing a random sampling of comments from several HPE StoreEver customers (below). You can also find complete information on the TechValidate Survey @ TechValidate Survey Proof Points, StoreEver Case Studies, and the StoreEver Webpage.

These are testimonials and recommendations from our customers, in their own voices. Their authentic statements validate how StoreEver simplifies protecting data in a reliable and cost effective approach, that is delivered without compromise. As a result, you can easily and efficiently leverage HPE LTO tape solutions for archive, long term retention or disaster recovery.

We hope that these insights into our customers’ worlds will prove useful when you make your next decision about upgrading your current data protection infrastructure.

Thank you to all of our customers who participated in this survey. Your opinions truly matter to our business.

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Long Term Data Retention

The TechValidate survey also provided many customer testimonials for how HPE StoreEver customers have been using LTO tape to meet the strategic challenge of storing archive data for very long periods of time.Image 5.pngImage 6.pngImage 7.png

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Comprehensive protection against any threat

The customer survey also showed that HPE StoreEver customers have full confidence that their data is recoverable because LTO tape is a data protection platform that is secure by design. Customers value the capability to mitigate threats like ransomware or environmental disaster and add an additional layer of security to their infrastructure. 

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Image 13.pngVeeam and StoreEver

According to the survey, HPE StoreEver customers rate highly the fact that StoreEver delivers simple and cost effective offline data protection solution for Veeam customers, too.

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Ashwin Shetty is a Product Marketing Manager in HPE Storage. In this role, Ashwin is responsible for helping customer understand the value of modernizing their data protection with HPE Backup and Recovery Service, HPE StoreOnce, HPE RMC, HPE Cloud Volumes Backup and HPE StoreEver Tape. Prior to joining HPE, Ashwin worked in the sales and marketing groups of Oracle and HCL. Follow Ashwin on Twitter: @ashwinkshetty. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.