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CPU Usage on CLI

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Occasional Contributor

CPU Usage on CLI

Hi all,

Can we measure cpu usage in real time using cli?

Now we're running an array installed, and have

a plan to export cpu usage to csv for internal reporting if possible.

It's graceful to take a real time cpu usage. Seeing a cli reference and

executing cli,I can't find the command.  I understand Infosight just

show the last week utilization, but can't export csv files.

Q1. We can't take cpu usages using cli on 1.4.11-x, is it correct?

Q2. Could you advise how can we do in such a situation?


Masahiro Uchida

Honored Contributor

Re: CPU Usage on CLI

Hi Masahiro,

I believe it's not possible to chart CPU via the stats command - we show volume and interface related info there but not CPU.

Infosight shows historic CPU utilisation over the life of the controller as you are probably aware it will also highlight when the controller is marginal and has insufficient resources.  Currently this can not be exported other than taking a screen grab.

Kind regards


Occasional Contributor

Re: CPU Usage on CLI

Thanks Rich.

Probably the maker might have a plan to expand capacity in Infosight.

I'm going to keep watching the future functions.



Honored Contributor

Re: CPU Usage on CLI

Thanks Masahiro - please let us know the types of capacity reports you are thinking and I will forward to the InfoSight team.  It's always good to get feedback to help shape our thoughts

Esteemed Contributor

Re: CPU Usage on CLI

Here's a nice blog on a couple options:

Glick's Gray Matter: Nimble Performance 101 - CLI Style