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Re: Dedublication on the CS-series

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Dedublication on the CS-series

When is dedublication planned for Nimblestorage on the CS-Series ?

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Re: Dedublication on the CS-series

It's available now in  for CS3000 and CS5000 arrays only, but it has a restriction on flash to disk ratio.  No love for my poor little CS1000.  

You can enable deduplication for CS3000 and CS5000 arrays on a volume only if the corresponding storage pool has a Flash to Disk Ratio (FDR) of 4% or higher. To calculate the FDR, obtain the "Total array cache capacity (MiB)" and "Total array cache capacity (MiB)" values by using the pool --info pool_name HPE Nimble Storage CLI command: FDR = "Total array cache capacity (MiB)"/"Total array capacity (MiB)" * 100 If the array has sufficient capability for deduplication, the pool --info pool_name command will also show a value for Dedupe capacity (MiB).