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HF20H througput limit

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HF20H througput limit


we are currently playing around with a HF20H demo system equipped with 11 1TB HDDs (6,2TiB Usable) and 2 480 GB SSDs (Usable 894 GiB of Cache).

Looking at the live performance stats during various tests, we noticed that the maximum throughput seems to be limited at 200 MiB/s. The graphs show a pretty straight line.

It doesn't change anything if we use pinned volumes, disable compression/dedupe...
Is this some sort of internal limitation, or is there another explanation for this behaviour?

Tests were performed using VMs in our virtual environment on iSCSI volumes.
And also on a volume presented to a physical server.

We connected the onboard interfaces (eth0a and eth0b) to a 1Gb Switch, but they are configured only for management traffic (Mgmt only)
Data traffic flows through a 10GbE SFP+ card (tg1a, tg1b, Data only), and is obviously connected to a 10GbE Switch.

We are sure that the network path hits no 1Gbit bottleneck.

Can someone clarify why the throughput is limited at 200 MiB/s?




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Re: HF20H througput limit


Yes, the HF20H (which is a half populated, entry model for Nimble) is limited to 200 MB/sec throughput by design. This is documented and reflected in all our pre-sales sizing tools. Note that it will still yield ~25K IOPS, which is pretty staggering for an entry model.

Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 11.09.24.png


This is because the system has a small quantity of SSDs, and when running heavy features like inline deduplication, the SSDs will end up becoming the bottleneck, causing CPU burdening and potential performance issues. The limit is there to stop that from happening.

If you need more than 200MB/sec, but only a small amount of capacity, then a smarter investment would be the AF20Q or full-fat HF20, which can do ~1.1-1.4GB/sec throughput, respectively.

If you're a HPE partner, I emplore you to check out HPE TechPro ( There are dedicated technical forums available to you which you can subscribe to.

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

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Re: HF20H througput limit

OK that clears it up!

Thank you for your fast response.