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InfoSight per volume statistics

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InfoSight per volume statistics

Don't get me wrong, Nimble and InfoSight are way ahead of the competition (at least from what I've seen) when it comes to SAN/storage analytics, and the addition of VMVision for VM level granularity is great for those of us that something like vRO. However one of the things that I've been asking/hoping for since becoming a customer three years ago is for per volume (or even volume collection) stats or breakdowns, I know Nimble Support has access to a lot more data and tools than we as customers do but I always try to take the approach of allowing my users/customers to help themselves. With all the great tools out there for self-service BI and analytics and it being beneficial in so many ways it seems like Nimble has all this data that they could better leverage to help customers. Couple examples/ideas, I get a call (or e-mail) from a user saying they're seeing high latency on a particular server (or maybe it's just slow application performance), so I can log into the array and jump between the relevant volumes on that server to try and see if the workload or latency changed on any of the volumes, but everything may look normal, it'd be great to be able to login to InfoSight and get the same breakdown between CPU Saturation, Cache under-provisioning, Host Network, Sequential I/O, Unaligned I/O, and Other that I can get for the whole array. A second example is identifying the underlying volumes that are contributing to high amounts of sequential or unaligned I/O, I logged into InfoSight the other day while troubleshooting slow performance at our DR site, I'm looking at the array stats and see high Unaligned I/O contributing to latency but without opening a support ticket I can't easily link this back to which volume(s) are the culprit.

Anyone else experienced these issues? Have you found a good solution to get these answers (other than opening a ticket with Nimble support)?

P.S. Nimble should add an InfoSight "Space" on the forums.

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Re: InfoSight per volume statistics

Thank you for the input Jacob. It's greatly appreciated and the need noted. While I can't publicly comment on roadmap items, I believe as we move forward with enhancements to already existing features as well as new capabilities you'll be pleasantly surprised by the depth and scope of InfoSight.