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Re: Microsoft VSS vs. Vcenter Syncronization

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Microsoft VSS vs. Vcenter Syncronization

Hi Guys,

I have a question about volume collection Synchronization and please excuse my rookie-ness on this matter.

We do not use Volumes attached directly to bare-metal hosts, only Vmware attached volumes/Luns. I know that I can perform the vcenter synchronization;But If I create a Volume collection and select Microsoft VSS, it prompts me for the IP address and the Application; Then I have to select the Volume that I will associate it with; So I select it; the question is: will this operation work, given that My SQL database resides in a .vmdk on a vmware attached LUN? Also can you create Vcenter Sync and MS VSS Sync policies on the same volume?



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Re: Microsoft VSS vs. Vcenter Syncronization

Hello Adrian,

If you're mapping volumes to your application through VMFS, then you should always choose vCenter Synchronisation. Microsoft VSS Synchronisation can only be used when the volumes are directly mounted to the Windows server without any virtualisation software in the middle.

In your example, as you have a .vmdk mounted through VMFS then you should use vCenter. vCenter will use VMTools within the VM to engage with VSS (if the application has VSS components) to quiesce down any applications that are VSS aware.

I don't believe MySQL has native VSS components, so you may have to use VMTools with manual pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts if you wish to have application consistent snapshots.

Nick Dyer
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Re: Microsoft VSS vs. Vcenter Syncronization

Hi Nick,

Thank you for the info. I appreciate your fast response.

P.S.: by My SQL I meant the MS SQL server that is mine(not MySQL); sorry for the confusion