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Nimble Snapshot Size

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Nimble Snapshot Size


I am looking to find size of each snapshot of a volume and also understand how the size of each snapshot is determined? I was sent info like the following, I am trying to understand what the total size of the each snapshot is and how much of a physical space is being occupied by each.


Volume               Snapshot             Size       Online Status  New Data

Name                 Name                 (MiB)                     (MiB)


A       AdhocSnap              2306867 No     Okay          7317

A      A1-2020-10-15::18:00:21.642    2306867 No     Okay         27372

A       A1-2020-10-14::18:00:22.631    2306867 No     Okay         37534

A       A1-2020-10-13::18:00:29.959    2306867 No     Okay        560692


Re: Nimble Snapshot Size

Have you read the chapter on Snapshots in the Nimble Administration Guide? Available at InfoSight.

After that, look at the Command Reference, starting with the snap command.

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Re: Nimble Snapshot Size

Hello Sheldon,

Thank you for your response. I do not have access to InfoSight, I registered there but my email is not linked to my org's Nimble.  Can that be shared with me?

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Re: Nimble Snapshot Size


the right way to get access to the Nimble docs are through Infosight. Please give Nimble Support a quick call and they can resolve this for you.

Phone numbers:

Referring more to your question - Nimble snapshots are redirect on write rather than full copies of your data (ie copy on write). This means that a snapshot is just a metadata file with pointer references to blocks on your array. A Nimble block on your array can be pointed to by many snapshots, but none of those snapshots actually 'own' the data - in esscence not duplicating the data behind the scenes, but also meaning that the size of the snapshot is fluid.

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