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Replication - Do you need identical Nimble Models?

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Replication - Do you need identical Nimble Models?

I have a CS-220 and I am going to be looking to add an additional site in the future. When that time comes, can we purchase a larger / newer Model and still have replication between those two Nimble SANs? Thanks!

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Re: Replication - Do you need identical Nimble Models?


Yes, our replication between arrays is not model/hardware dependent. You do not need the Nimble Models to be identical for replication support (example, you can have a CS220 to replicate to any Model of CS200 or CS400 Array). The only recommendation on sizing replication correctly is the following:

1. Is there enough storage capacity at downstream array (example DR site) for all replica's to reside?

2. How many days is acceptable to keep replica's at downstream array (DR site)?

3. If you needed to failover to DR in case of unexpected outage at primary site, what is the business acceptable performance requirements? Same performance, slightly lower performance, no performance requirement, just data residing in another location.

Either way, in the field we are observing end-users who have many flexible options for disaster recovery/business continuity due to the replication of data being un-bound to specific Nimble Models.