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Veeam BU Job or Nimble Snapshot/Replication


Veeam BU Job or Nimble Snapshot/Replication

(In the interest of full disclosure, I have posted this same question over on the Veeam Forum)

This is rather a convoluted question so let me see if I can explain it.

We have a Windows 2012 server that acts as a file server for our roaming profiles and user documents.
The server itself is a VM and was residing in Nimble Volume VCStor-VMFS6 (which is a cluster of 2 datastores VCStor01 and VCStor02)
DocStor is a Nimble volume and is presented to VMware as DocStor and is mounted as an iSCSI mount to the server.

VCStor was getting a Nimble snapshot
DocStor (volume)was getting a Nimble snapshot
Docstor (volume) has a Veeam backup job assigned as forever incremental with 14 recovery points.

<clear as mud yet???>

While looking at Veeam storage snapshots I could see the 2012 server. However, if I told it to restore I discovered that if told it to Restore Guest Files that I was only seeing the "C" drive. The iSCSI drive was not presented.
After a little consideration, I performed Storage vMotion on the VM and relocated it to the DocStor datastore/volume.
I told Nimble to take a snapshot and told Veeam to rescan.
I performed a Restore Guest Files and the DocStor data was now available ...
This is exactly what I was hoping for .... BUT .. it raised a question ..
I am currently critically low on Nimble storage (I am at 92% and without funding for upgrades .. )

Given what I have described what would be the general consensus on reducing the backup footprint and storage needs?
Is a Veeam Forever incremental backup smaller or larger than a Nimble snapshot?

I thought of using all Veeam backup --OR
all Nimble Snapshots/Replication -- OR
a hybrid of the two ..
Mon-Fri use the Veeam backup, then on Sat take a single snapshot and replicate retaining 5 replicas.

I hope I explained well enough to get some feedback ..
If not .. ask me .. I will try to offer more info ..

Thank you all ..