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10G interface cards for CS1000

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10G interface cards for CS1000

Hey guys.   Looking for an alternative to the $8K (times 2) PCI-10GTX1 interface cards from HP.     I was told that it is a CentOS system in the backend, and normal PCI cards that are suppoeted by the OS would work.   (I hope this is true).  Anyhow, looking at this

I am hoping that it is just as easy as popping them into the inactive controller and configuring them in the GUI.  Thoughts?

Or can someone confirm that the onboard interface is 1G and not 1/10G?    Spec sheets and sales materials list it both ways and I can not get a difinitive answer.




Re: 10G interface cards for CS1000


We do not support 'off the shelf' PCI-E cards on Nimble - please do not go ahead and do this, there's a high likihood it will cause problems as they aren't QA'd within NimbleOS.

I recommend that you speak with sales to work on the price.

The onboard NICs are indeed autosensing between 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet. So you could just go ahead and buy some 1Gb cards PCI-E and use the onboard for iSCSI...

Nick Dyer
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Re: 10G interface cards for CS1000

good news about the onboard interface.  I will use them for Iscsi