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10GB SFP Specification

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10GB SFP Specification

Dear Folks,

The Nimble Storage CS220G  storage array comes with 10 Giga adapter  that includes optical SFP ?

Am I right in saying that we could connect 10G adapter on nimble with normal LC cable to 10 Gig switch optical transceiver. Do we  have support matrix on what cables and switches are supported.



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Re: 10 Gig SFP Specfication

Hi Varghese,

You are correct that you can connect LC cables to the 10GbE interfaces on the Nimble array. We use 850nm SR optics in our 10GbE modules so as long as your switch and transceiver conform to this, you should be fine. We don't actually have a de-facto support matrix for switches and cables as there is just too much choice out there to qualify everything and its always changing. In general though, optical is the safest connectivity method as its been out there a while now.

Any other questions, please let us know.

Hope this helps!


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Re: 10 Gig SFP Specfication

Hey Varghese

Hope your well.

For recommendations on the attributes on selecting a good switch - checkout the Networkign Best Practice Guide on InfoSight

That details what to look for in a good switch for data networks



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Re: 10 Gig SFP Specfication

Depending on the 10GB NIC that you are using, you may need to use a copper TwinAx cable.  That may not be required from the switch to your Nimble Storage unit, but our Converged Network Adapters (Qlogic) require 10GB TwinAx cables and we have found that it is easier to standardize on one cabling type...


Re: 10 Gig SFP Specfication

Also, if you are going to use TwinAx cables, make sure that they are compatible with both the array as well as the switch you are using. We just implemented a couple of CS460s using two Brocade VDX 6740s and took the safe route using Brocade branded cables. Everything went together nicely and was up and running very quickly.

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