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10GBaseT Interfaces eth0a & eth0b

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10GBaseT Interfaces eth0a & eth0b

We're preparing to install/configure our first Nimble arrays, an AF40 and HF40.  We've patched the OM3 connections for 16Gbps FC (block), but I wanted to know if there's any issue with the 10GBaseT Interfaces eth0a & eth0b running at 1GbE if we're only using them for redundant management ports.

Since we're not using those interfaces for iSCSI, will they only be used for replication or if we wanted to support SMB or NFS directly from the arrays?  Thank you.

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Re: 10GBaseT Interfaces eth0a & eth0b


Nimble offer today no NFS or CIFS Service.

The Ports are used for Management and Replication.

If you do not use Replication, it's fine.

If you use Replication, Async is fine, but for Syncrounos 1GB is too slow.


That was not planned in this way.