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24-hour downtime with Replication

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24-hour downtime with Replication

I've got a 24-hour power downtime coming up at one Data Center. Is there anything I should do beforehand to pause/stop replication between the Nimble there and the one at our primary DC? Anything to worry about when the outage is over? I realize that the snapshots will be waiting to send on the one that's still alive, just don't want it to spend the next month trying to play catch-up on replication.


Re: 24-hour downtime with Replication

Please make sure your snapshot retention is configured more than a day (24 hours) at least , to allow maintaining the "Common snapshot" between arrays.

Simply pause the replication, once the destination array backs online, resume replication as common snapshot is preserved hence only changed block delta transfer and no entire reseed will be required.

One to add is you can also login to InfoSight to define a maintenance windows to suppress automatic case creation due to the absence of the array...



Thomas Lam
Field CTO - HPE Nimble Storage