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About Storage Controller P830i Question

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About Storage Controller P830i Question

Hello everyone:
I only have one SSD hard disk, I made RAID0 for the SSD hard disk, but its IO speed is very slow and the write speed is only 8Mb/s When I copy files, the hard disk is brand new.

So, I want to pass the SSD hard disk directly in the SSA tool. When I try to change the 'RAID' mode to 'HBA' mode, the status of 'Exposed To OS' is 'NO', which prevents me from installing and entering the operating system.

my question:
1. How to have faster IO read and write speed in 'RAID0' mode?
How do I set 'Strip Size / Full Stripe Size' and 'Sectors / Track'?
(So that I can copy files faster)

2. How to enable 'Exposed To OS' in 'HBA' mode?
(So that I can install the operating system)

I haven't slept for two days, I need your help >_<
Thank you very much!

Server: HP DL580 Gen8
Storage Controller: P830i
Storage Controller Firmware: 2.04
SSA Tool Version:
SSD: Intel 535 SATA III 180G

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Re: About Storage Controller P830i Question

The firmware is too old! Consider an update!

A RAID drive is hidden in HBA mode, so you need to delete the RAID drive first.

Hope this helps!

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