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Additional array as shelf

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Additional array as shelf

Hello - I have a strange question and am seeking some direction--

Currently have identical CS300 arrays --one at a production site and the other at a DR site. The DR site may be going away.

My question , is there any way to add the DR array to the production site as a shelf? It would be nice to have both array's operate as a singe entity. It would make mgmt much easier. Would I need to purchase a different controller or anything along those lines? Or is this completely not possible.

I suppose I could use vvols or something along those lines to manage ds on both arrays -- but I would rather not have to -- unless that's my only option.

Thanks for your help & input.

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Re: Additional array as shelf

I might have found an answer -- group leader array. Has anyone used this or had any problems with this configuration?

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Re: Additional array as shelf

Yep - you can cluster arrays to scale-out very easily. It works extremely well.

This should only be done on a single site - we do not support doing this across sites.

Nick Dyer
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