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Alas poor Nimble... I knew you well....


Alas poor Nimble... I knew you well....

While the hype of features for Nimble OS4 are bouncing off the roof and having loaded and running on two arrays I am reminded of my college finance class professor asking if anyone knew what the phrase "There is no such thing as a free lunch" meant.

Unfortuntately they (Nimble/HP) have taken a very simple and intuitive user interface and turned it into a bloated, slow and difficult product (much like any HP website). It's like a deli-thin turkey sandwhich. If you lay out 5 or 6 pieces of turkey flat on the bread it doesn't look like much of a sandwhich. However, if you sort of crumple and pile that same 5 or 6 pieces up, the sandwhich looks thicker, meatier and more appealing.

All the pretty graphs, tables and statistics belong (IMO) on the InfoSight page not on the operational management page. Digging 3 and 4 levels past a maze of pretty to get to a snapshot to create a clone for a recovery operation is counter productive.

Granted, we are not Nimble Power users. We use the system for simple storage of data and VMware components. I'm sure there are needs for the one page displays the world presentations but when you need to actually work on an issue, it's cumbersome to dig your way through the fluff.

Bob Moody



Occasional Advisor

Re: Alas poor Nimble... I knew you well....

Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear of your experience. I will contact you via private message so we can better understand your feedback.


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Re: Alas poor Nimble... I knew you well....

Interesting perspective.

I find the 4.4 interface way faster than the flash version.  As for the content on it, a lot of it is the same., just with better UI representation that is consistent with infosight.  I like that Events are split out between log and alerts.  I also appreciate the better hardware view.  Especially if you need to replace hardware, having a very detailed view that represents what needs replaced reduces mistakes.  

The only area where I would agree with you on a step backwards is on the Monitoring.  On the 3.8 version little dots would show up on the line graph as you hovered over it and it was easy to select a volume to monitor.  It is a tad harder have to use the filter to get to a volume.

Other than that, I find the upgrade a very nice improvement.