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CS220 with direct iSCSI connections to two ESXi hosts?

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CS220 with direct iSCSI connections to two ESXi hosts?

I found out today that Nimble does not support direct connections for iSCSI networking between ESXi hosts and the array. We have a couple HP DL380G8 hosts and the CS220. It is currently setup and functional but won't allow a software upgrade due to network issues. I'm unable vmkping the discovery IP on the array from the hosts yet the existing LUN.

Has anybody ever made a direct connect (no Ethernet switches in the middle) work or are we stuck with having to add the switches? It is a remote office with no IT people so a long trip may be required.

Thanks for any insight


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Re: CS220 with direct iSCSI connections to two ESXi hosts?

Hi Ron,

This isn't a supported configuration - virtual IP floats across controllers so in your case not all vmkernel ports are going to see the VIP - I've had this same issue trying to direct connect hosts using HPE Storevirtual VSA.

When using iSCSI you will need at least a single switch. Fibre channel is the only way I've ever been able to direct attach storage to hosts but this was a different storage system with active/active controllers.

To be honest if you are investing a pair of DL380s and a CS220 at a remote site a pair of low-cost GbE switches would be a minor cost :-). Alternatively you could pull the CS220 back to a larger site or datacentre and go with a hyper-converged architecture that could help to reduce the remote site footprint.



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Re: CS220 with direct iSCSI connections to two ESXi hosts?

Thanks for the reply Ben. We were re-using some equipment from one small DC to another I had it in my mind that it should work just fine. I've always placed stacked switches between hosts and Nimbles in the past, just didn't know it was a hard requirement.  I just glad it is working as is until we can figure out how to get some switches up there.