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CS300 Password Reset? - Donated Array

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CS300 Password Reset? - Donated Array

 my work has replaced a few of our older CS300 arrays with newer arrays (not sure the exact model number but they have the green face plate with the lights).


I have bought the console adapter for this since we contract out initial config to a vendor when we get new hardware. I have the admin login for the web UI of this array however it is not the same login for the local console apparently. What are the chances of support being able to help me reset the password to this console so I can configure the management interfaces to my home lab network. I have no clue what type of IP config this had before I was given the array, and I see nothing in my arp tables while this system is powered up and plugged into a spare switch.


Re: CS300 Password Reset? - Donated Array

Hello @paintballer4lfe,

HPE Support will be able to assist you to rest the password. Had you opened a case with HPE support? Let me know if you need further assistance on this.

Srinivas Bhat

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