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Can the cs300 do fc and iscsi at the same time

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Can the cs300 do fc and iscsi at the same time

I am setting up the cs300 and I am running into an issue with setting up iscsi after i set up fiber channel. I thought I could do both at the same time. But I am being asked to provide a wwpn every time in the initiator group. 

My software version is

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Re: Can the cs300 do fc and iscsi at the same time

My understanding (We tried to do this with a CS500) is that with the current software, the arrays can only do 1 or the other. Makes no sense to me either and I hope its fixed in a future release because we are an FC shop but would like to try iscsi just to see how it performs and get experience, but cannot with what we currently have. Here's a c&p from my SE:

"CS Arrays will only do either FC or iSCSI.  It won't do both protocols.  The Subnets tab will allow you to create a subnet for “Data” but those ports can’t be used for iSCSI.  That is used for creating a dedicated subnet for replication. "

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Re: Can the cs300 do fc and iscsi at the same time

I wouldn't hold my breath for simultaneous FC and iSCSI capabilities in the same controller anytime soon.  It sounds like you may be able to shift from one to the other, but I believe that requires a complete wipe of the array to accomplish.

Just curious - what is the hesitation to stand up an iSCSI presence?

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Re: Can the cs300 do fc and iscsi at the same time

Good Afternoon Scott,

      I have asked for your local SE to reach out to provide further education on What Nimble Storage can & cannot provide pertaining to multi protocols.

     At this time Nimble Storage arrays can only do Fiber Channel OR iSCSI within a single array.  Often times, our customers will purchase a 10Gb Ethernet connection within a Fiber Channel array, but this can only be used for replication, group traffic (multiple arrays grouped together) & management only.

     In order to migrate a Nimble Storage array from FC to iSCSI is a disruptive process at this time do to a requirement to re-image the array back to factory default.

     Again, your local SE resource should reach out to you to answer further questions.

Thank you,

Bryan Beulin

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