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Cisco UCS connection to Core or FEX

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Cisco UCS connection to Core or FEX


We are having an issue with two CS500 arrays. Both are currently connected to a Cisco UCS via the Core. Controller A is fine and up, however Controller B is not able to see the matching port on Controller A. This means that health checks fail, and no failover is possible. Investigations turned up that the ARP/MAC is failing to show up on the Core MAC table. When we hook to the FEX, same result (as expected). Our connections have been validated where A/1 is plugged into the same network as B1 and on it's own VLAN, and the same for A2/B2. Trunking is not an issue. We duplicated this issue with another CS500 we have that is being installed. Nimble support verified that ARP requests are failing between the controllers. Does anyone have any experience with Nexus and Nimble that could shed some light? Also, we have seen that the controllers can plug into the Fabric Interconnects, however our current routing prevents this.

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Re: Cisco UCS connection to Core or FEX


It looks like Nimble Support is working with you and one of your colleagues in regards to this issue. From what we saw there was a steady stream of network CRC errors being received on the standby controller ports. The standby controller was rebooted and the health check errors are no longer present.   I believe Cisco is still looking into possible bugs.  I would suggest letting Nimble Support know if the problem manifests again.