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Delete Nimble snapshot after cloning

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Delete Nimble snapshot after cloning

Nimble HF-40 ... vers

I have created a shapshot of a volume 

From the snapshot, I created a clone. Now that I have the cloned volume online, I don't need the snapshot, but if I try to delete it, I get the error that it has a clone.

Is there a way to break the relationship so the shapshots can be removed?

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Re: Delete Nimble snapshot after cloning

From what I have been able to determine .... if you use a snapshot to clone a new volume(s) ... you are married to that snapshot until the cloned volumes have been deleted.

I can't find a way to clone an existing volume so it is a standalone volume.

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Re: Delete Nimble snapshot after cloning


Fracturing or deleting the parent snapshot or volume from the clone is a feature long requested in Nimble. Good news is that within the coming months we're roadmapping this feature to be available - most likely as part of NimbleOS 5.3 or 5.4.

For now, if you take a clone of a snapshot, that snapshot needs to live as the blocks are shared between them.

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Re: Delete Nimble snapshot after cloning

Of course, as the blocks are shared, I don't see a real problem with the clone being tied to the snapshot. (Nick, am I missing something here?)

Unlike some other storage where a volume is copied to a second complete instance of the storage.

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