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Re: Download Powershell Tool Kit

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Download Powershell Tool Kit

Why it is hard to download PowerShell Tool Kit for Nimble? I am following the link to download software. ( I didn't have any issues with oter storage vendors.

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Re: Download Powershell Tool Kit

Do you have access to InfoSight?  Try this link:


Brian MacDonald
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Re: Download Powershell Tool Kit

Additionally if you want to navigate to the PowerShell toolkit organically do the following;

  1. Open web browser and log into
  2. Click on the "Resources" tab, and under that look to the Nimble Storage Column. You will find "Software Downloads"
  3. Once the Software Downloads window is open, look to the leftmost column under "Integration Kits" and the 5th one down should be "HPE NImble Storage PowerShell Toolkit (PSTK)"
  4. This link should take you directly to the download page for the newest toolkit.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations how to make this easier to find and I will see what I can do.

Chris Lionetti
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Re: Download Powershell Tool Kit

Thanks. I have asked my team to invite me and I have created my account and able to download it.