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Dual Power Supply Behavior - UPS - Simple Question

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Occasional Contributor

Dual Power Supply Behavior - UPS - Simple Question

Hello all...I'm new to Nimble and my current role and just inherrited a CS-300 2P 72-T. The previous admin has both PS's plugged straight into the wall. Not good! I want to get them on seperate UPS wo bringing the unit down. My simple question is, can I unplug one controller PS at a time, and get the nimbe moved to UPSs that way? Do the controllers mirror eachother? I just do not want to cause an outage or break any ISCSI connections. Would be great to find the best way to acomplish this. Thanks in advance....Dennis..........


Re: Dual Power Supply Behavior - UPS - Simple Question

Hello Dennis,

Yes this can be done. The power supplies are independent of the controllers and as long as one power supply is still plugged in receiving power there should be nothing to worry about. The Nimble Storage array runs in as an Active / Standby system. So all configurations are basically mirrored across so if you standby has to come up live you will maintain full connectivity. If you would like to discuss this further please give us a call in the support center.


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Mike Brester
Proactive Support Manager
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Re: Dual Power Supply Behavior - UPS - Simple Question

Thanks much Mike!