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Re: HBA H240 move drive to another port


HBA H240 move drive to another port

The HBA H240 RAID controller works in my Supermicro server. I control it through the CLI. Recently, I began to notice that one of the logical drive (RAID 1) sometimes goes into the "Interim Recovery Mode" state because one of its physical drives sometimes goes into the Filed state (SSD Intel 540s). On the other hand, this drive passes all tests, and Intel's utility evaluates its condition as OK, and its remaining resource is 70%. I assumed that the port on the RAID controller to which the drive is connected may be unstable, and I decided to connect it to a different port. As a result, an unassigned drive appears on the system that I cannot connect to my array: get the "array is transforming" error. I am also unable to remove the disconnected drive from the array. What am I doing wrong? How do I reconnect the drive to a different port and restore the array using CLI? Please don't tell me I have to re-create the array. 


Re: HBA H240 move drive to another port


Interim Data Recovery
In RAID 5, or RAID 1 fault-tolerant configurations, if a drive fails, the system continues to operate in an interim data recovery mode. For example, if you had selected RAID 5 for a logical drive with four physical drives and one of the drives fails, the system continues to process I/O requests, but at a reduced performance level. Replace the failed drive as soon as
possible to restore performance and full fault tolerance for that logical drive.

You can see failed hard disk drive information in ADU & AHS report as well as you can see IML error.

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