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HP C7000 Recommended 10G Switches

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HP C7000 Recommended 10G Switches

Hi  Folks,

I have customer of mine who currently has the HP C7000  .  Each  of the blades within the chassis  have FCOE cards  and  we wanted use this to cards to connect to the 10Gbe infrastructure for the SAN.

My questions are the following  ?

1. Can we connect the FCOE cards directly to the 10Gbe switches  does it require DCB capabilities if we are only using 10Gb functionality ?

2. My suggestion was to purchase  10Gbe switches rather than pass thru modules or virtual connect , any recommendation in terms of 10Gbe switches  on the hp side that are compatible with  nimble and don't have issues.

Output from the blade server ...

HP 1Gb Ethernet Pass-Thru Module for c-Class BladeSystem


ProLiant BL685c G7

CPU and Memory Information CPU 1 AMD Opteron(TM) Processor 6238 (12 Cores)

CPU 2 AMD Opteron(TM) Processor 6238 (12 Cores)

CPU 3 AMD Opteron(TM) Processor 6238 (12 Cores)

CPU 4 AMD Opteron(TM) Processor 6238 (12 Cores)

Memory 131072 MB

FlexFabric Embedded Ethernet

Ethernet (NIC 1) LOM:1-a 28:92:4A:2C:A4:7A

iSCSI HBA (iSCSI 1) LOM:1-b 28:92:4A:2C:A4:7B

FCoE HBA LOM:1-b 10:00:28:92:4A:2C:A4:7B

Ethernet (NIC 2) LOM:2-a 28:92:4A:2C:A4:7E

iSCSI HBA (iSCSI 2) LOM:2-b 28:92:4A:2C:A4:7F



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Re: HP C7000 Recommended 10G Switches

FlexFabric Embedded Ethernet(LOM) is mapped to Interconnect Bays 1 & 2. I assume you are using GbE2c Ethernet Blade Switches, which is a 1Gb switch.

1. Nimble doesn't support FCOE.

2. You would need to buy NC542m/554m mezzanine cards with Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D Interconnect Bays and connect the Flex-10 Interconnect Bays 3 & 4 to a 10Gb switch. We use Brocade VDX6740 Switches for our iSCSI network.