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InfoSight: When I apply for an InfoSight account what are the different user types ?

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InfoSight: When I apply for an InfoSight account what are the different user types ?

As an active Nimble customer you can apply for your own Infosight Account by:

Navigating to https://infosight.nimblestorage.com

Clicking on New User ? Enroll Now.


You will then be asked for your Role, email address and Array Serial Number ?


Your array serial number can obtain from the Nimble Web GUI or via the CLI;

Your email address should be obvious , if you receive the following error then you need to call support to have your email address associated with that array with Nimble's internal systems - this should take 5 mins to complete


So what's the difference between the User Roles ?

There are three types of user in Infosight:

  • Super User (access to all functionality including case management)
  • Non-Super User (access to everything except case management)
  • Download Only (can only download documentation, best practices etc)

The only restriction is each account can only have 1 Super User per Array;  So if your a customer with 4 arrays they you can have 4 super users associated to your account;

There is currently no limit the amount of Non-Super Users and Download users associated with an account in InfoSight.

The only functionality a superuser gets over a non-superuser is case management which is under the Support tab  - screenshot is here:


As you can see this allows Super Users to create new cases and manage existing cases;   If you are a non-superuser you simply don't see the Support tab, but get access to all the other reporting from Infosight.