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Install Nimble Storage in EMC Rack

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Roland Kudelic
Occasional Advisor

Install Nimble Storage in EMC Rack


Has anybody installed a Nimble Storage in a EMC Rack. The original rack rails from Nimble Storage are too long for the EMC Rack 67.5 cm. The maximum length for the rails in the EMC Rack is 61cm. An APC Rack has a max lenght for rack rails about 72cm.



Occasional Visitor

Re: Install Nimble Storage in EMC Rack

Roland - I have run into the problem on a few occasions. The easiest, quickest solution is to mount the array using a shelf that fits into the shorter rack space. In a few cases where the posts have 2 sets of mounting holes, as APC does, I've been able to fit the Nimble rail by removing the cover plate on one end of the rail that houses the tab/spring assembly. The allowed enough clearance to use the outside holes on one end and inside holes on the other.