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Need to consolidate volumes

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Need to consolidate volumes


I recently did a VM and disk cleanup in preparation for supporting a customer that has more data being stored than we have in a single LUN, 4TB. I have 3 volumes that are empty and I would like to consolidate htese into one. 

How would I go about doing that exactly? I would assume it would be something like this but I can't find any info:

In vCenter, put the datastore into maintenance mode and unmount it

In Nimble Storage, take the volume offline and then delete it

Increase the size of the one volume that is still online to "consolidate" the space.


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


Re: Need to consolidate volumes

If  vCenter Plug-in is registered then should make your life easier. simply delete the un-needed LUNs to free up the space to pool then expand the survied LUN directly from vCenter Plug-in should be good, all can be done non-disruptively.


Otherwise, remove those datastore from vCenter, then go to arrary GUI offline those LUNs and remove it and recreate the new 4TB LUN.

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