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Nimble HF40 SAS backend speed details


Nimble HF40 SAS backend speed details


I am new to nimble, and I would like to know the Nimble HF40 SAS backend speed details. I am unable to find the details in the specs sheet.

please assist!!

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Re: Nimble HF40 SAS backend speed details

Off the top of my head, I don't believe we do publish the SAS backend speed details.

BIgger question is: Why do you care?
There are no commands to interface a host with the SAS backend. And the Nimble HF40 is cache-centric. The Nimble does not write to disks the way most disk arrays do. Take a look at this YouTube video on Nimble CASL - Tour HPE Nimble Storage CASL - Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout file system.

I'd suggest you talk to your sales person about what sort of performance you should expect from an HF40 with your particular workload(s).

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Re: Nimble HF40 SAS backend speed details

Thanks for the your update and reply