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Nimble Windows Toolkit 7.0.0

In case you missed the news, the new Nimble Windows Toolkit (NWT) 7.0.0 is available on Infosight.  NWT 7.0.0 adds support and enhancements specifically for Microsoft SQL Server 2017.  The release adds several PowerShell cmdlets that expand the tasks you can perform, including:
• Application-aware cmdlets that support SQL databases
• Cmdlets that allow you to create and remove snapshots from volumes and volume collections 

Release notes are available on the HPE Infosight portal here:

The toolkit itself can also be downloaded from the InfoSight portal, once you have logged in with credentials associated to your Nimble array.

Info on HPE Microsoft Storage Solutions for Windows, Exchange, SQL Server, Azure Stack HCI and more are online at

Mike Harding | Microsoft Solutions Product Management
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Re: Nimble Windows Toolkit 7.0.0

I just recently set up a new HF20H array using the NWT 7.0, but had some trouble getting it installed initially. One thing to keep in mind, and this may have been an oversight on my part, but I did my best to research it, is to uncheck all of the install options except for the Nimble Setup Manager software when starting fresh on a Server/Host. Make sure you install the MPIO role, reboot, then install NWT 7.0 with ONLY the NSM box checked, then reboot once more.

I couldn't continue the install of NWT 7.0 with anything else checked, because you need to find the Array using the Network Setup Manager first, and do some initial setup before the rest of the options can be installed. Once you set everything up with the Setup Manager, you can go back through the NWT 7.0 installer, and check the rest of the boxes necessary.

I hope this helps anyone who runs into the same issue as me!

jon farnick
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Re: Nimble Windows Toolkit 7.0.0

how do you associate our (purchased thru nimble) array now that it is affiliated with HP ?

i log into the infosight portal and our two arrays are not listed, cannot download any SW thru the nimble proper as we have in the past

Sheldon Smith

Re: Nimble Windows Toolkit 7.0.0

Contact Nimble Support with your arrays' serial numbers. They can help you.

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